Difference Of Opinion – 1993 – Black Mark

Overload image
S= Gormathon>>TONY FRISK [TONY SUNNHAG]>>Gormathon
G= Carina Kjellberg – TONY FRISK [TONY SUNNHAG] - Gormathon, Morgana Lefay>>STEFAN JONSSON>>Gormathon, Morgana Lefay
B= Benke Sandberg
D= Incarnated, Gormathon>>TONY SANDBERG>>Incarnated, Gormathon

At one point there were as many Overloads on the metal scene as Nemesis, Agressors and Massacres. There were even two Overloads in Sweden. This version of Overload came together in 1987 as Mayhem (another original name!) and became Overload in 1989. Frisk was the founder. A self-titled demo single came in 1990. Black Mark signed the band and issued Difference Of Opinion. This ensured the band would go nowhere. Jonsson had joined in 2002. Back On Track was a 2006 demo. The Dark Side Of Ambition was a 2007 demo. The same chick as that release appeared on the 2008 demo, The Procession Of Tartaros.