Within Suffering – 1990 – Epidemic

Overthrow image
S= NICK SAGIAS>>Soulstorm, Tribe Of Pazuzu, Sfera
G= Dark Legion>>KEN WAKEFIELD>>Speedkill – Beyond>>IAN MUMBLE
B= NICK SAGIAS>>Pestilence, Soulstorm, Malhavoc, Tribe Of Pazuzu, Sfera, Monster Voodoo Machine, AntiTrust Division, Nihilist Death Cult
D= WAYNE POWELL>>Catharsis, Vile Oath, AntiTrust Division

Toronto, Canada-based Overthrow was a fairly workmanlike and brutal death/thrash band, which became more known later for its member joining Pestilence and also taking part in electronic industrial band Soulstorm. The band existed between 1987 and 1991 and had a fair bit of promotion, albeit in its native country only. Bodily Domination was the 1989 demo and was also distributed by Epidemic Records. Wakefield joined after this demo’s release, which featured Derek Rockall. Wakefield did not get to contribute much playing on Within Suffering, which was recorded at Morrisound in the USA with Scott Burns. The band took advantage of this by staying with and also playing a show with Cynic in Florida. Overthrow also opened for Defiance and Vio-lence and Death and Devastation in Toronto. The band had a video for the song Suppression. Overthrow disbanded with Sagias going on tour with Pestilence despite material for a second Overthrow album being written. The members were no longer on the same page musically or personally.