Crushtime – 1994 – Crypta
Hurt As A Shadow – 2016 – Gain
Ashes – 2021 - Gain

Pagandom image
S= Transport League, From Now On, Grand Cadaver, Dark Tranquillity>>CHRISTIAN JANSSON>>Transport League, From Now On, Grand Cadaver, Dark Tranquillity

G= Johan Zackrisson – At The Gates, Liers In Wait, The Haunted, Solo>>Anders Björler>>At The Gates, Solo - MARTIN CARLSSON

B= Jens Floren>>Dun Ringill

D= Rikard Ligander - Planetra, None, Dream Evil>>SÖREN FARDVIK>>None, Dream Evil

History & Biography
These thrash metal musicians were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1987. The band’s influences were Metallica and Pantera. The band was briefly called Pagan, but that monicker was taken. They operated as Kung previously. The group played its first show in 1988. They managed three demos and an album, entitled Crushtime in 1994, before splitting up in 1996. The group was also heard on the Metal Militia tribute CD in 1994.

Tired of packing groceries they reformed for the Gotheburg Sound Festival in 2014 (with Jansson handling both bass and the microphone now) and including At The Gates’ Anders Bjorler. Hurt As A Shadow was a 2016 demo album. Rune Foss became the bassist in 2019. Pagandom would issue its third album, called Ashes, through Gain/Sony in late February. Pagandom recorded Ashes at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström and at Hell´s Island by Martin Carlsson in 2020. It was mixed by Martin Carlsson.