Weapon Of Love – 1985 - Vertigo
It’s A Long Way to The Top - 1987 – Vertigo
Detox – 1990 – Baur
Esoterrorism – 2003 – Tyrolis

S= Tygers Of Pan Tang, Viva>>MARCO PAGANINI>>Viva
G= Viva>>Ralph Murthy – Edgar Zanoni – Stormbringer, Zero>>Angi Schilirio>>Kingdom Come, Tower Of Babel, Swan Kings – Dala Powers
B= Iso Gemsch – Zero>>Enzo Butta - Tino Tedesco
D= P.B. Bega – Vito Cecere – Silent Memorial, Charly Sahona, 69 Chambers, Coroner>>DIEGO RAPACCHIETTI>>Silent Memorial, Charly Sahona, 69 Chambers, Coroner

These Switzerland-based hard rockers hung in there between 1983 and 2019. The end arrived with the death of Marco Paganini. The act was essentially his solo endeavour in later years, but was founded by the singer and guitarist Murthy who had been members of Viva. Weapon Of Love was the band’s 1985 debut. The band toured with Mötley Crüe on the Theatre Of Pain Tour in 1986. They read the scene correctly with the second album, It’s A Long Way to The Top. This line-up fell apart due to interpersonal conflict. The Detox line-up fell apart due to drug and alcohol problems. Barbara Schenker, who is the sister of Michael of MSG and Rudy of Scorpions, and Marc Paganini reformed Viva in 2007. Medicine Man was a 2008 demo. Murthy died in 2013. Coroner recruited drummer Diego Rapacchietti to replace Marquis Marky in 2014.