Cold Comfort – 2010 - Ethereal Sound Works
Raging Light – 2017 – WormHoleDeath

Painted Black image
S= Anifernyen>>DANIEL LUCAS>>Anifernyen

G= Sleeping Pulse>>LUÍS FAZENDEIRO>>Sleeping Pulse - Miguel Matos – SickSyco>>GONÇALO SOUSA

B= Eutanásia, Redstains, Divine Lust, Attick Demons>>ANTONIO DURÃES

D= Rui Matos

K= Bruno Aleixo - Luís Fazendeiro

History & Biography
Inspired by Moonspell and Rolling Stones, the band was founded in 2001 and had a demo called The Neverlight in 2005. The core of the band is the duo of Luís Fazendeiro (guitars) and Daniel Lucas (vocals). The group had already lost half its membership. The Verbo demo followed two years later. A Portuguese label issued the group’s debut album in 2010. Another demo – albeit with one new track – was called Quarto Vazio and came in 2014. Portuguese dark metal band Painted Black had a video for the track Chamber in 2017, which was taken off from the band’s forthcoming demo Raging Light. The demo was distributed by WormHoleDeath. Matos was replaced by a Filipe Ferreira.


Being Portuguese the first impressions are immediately reminiscent of Moonspell, but Painted Black are doomier and more melancholic. There are hints of My Dying Bride and Anathema here. Acoustic segments, clean vocals, pianos and violins appear at different times, all present with moments of heaviness and anger. Five songs running thirty one minutes are another indication of the mood of the songs as are the titles, The Desolate Pleading, Nightshift, Expire, The Sin Path and Your Heart In Ashes. The latter easily being the heaviest of the five. All in all Verbo is strictly for fans of or those who crave melancholy. Contact the band at - Anna Tergel


Painted Black