In Obscure Depths – 2002 – L.S.P.
Malicious Parasite – 2004 – Soulreaper
Deathcult Salvation – 2008 – Dark Essence
Massa Damnata – 2011 – Shiver
Dogma – 2018 – Satanath

S= Keltgar>>ZAHRIM [MAARTEN GEENS]>>Keltgar
G= Darkness By Oath>>WEB [WESLEY VANMAL]>>Darkness By Oath – ZAHRIM [MAARTEN GEENS]
B= The Reckoning>>Joris>>The Reckoning - JESSE
D= Darkness By Oath, Within Without>>DOL [GUNTHER DE BEUL]>>Darkness By Oath, Within Without

The Belgium-based black metal act was founded in November 1998 and issued a demo called Nimisque Inhumane in 2000. The Exaltation demo followed. The band sounded more Gothenburg inspired at this junction. Singer Jurgen Naets left the act at this point. L.S.P. issued the band’s debut in 2002. The band and label signed for two records. The band followed up the release with its second album. Malicious Parasite was released through Soulreaper Records in 2004. The group played X-Mas Fest 2004 in Paris, France. The group also toured with Malevolent Creation and Dying Fetus. A tour with Mystic Circle and Marduk occurred in 2005. A tour with take took place in 2008. Massa Damnata was on Shiver, which was essentially L.S.P. The band went on a seven-year hiatus.

The band’s monicker means ‘all gold’ and was conceived by Jurgen.


Panchrysia is a new name out of the Flemish lowlands playing death and black metal. The album opener quickly establishes Panchrysia as a pure band in the vein of Immortal. The band earns the comparison via elements like Immortal vocals, dynamic arrangements, varying tempos and a good sound. Song number five, The Winter Chill, is probably the best song here. Here the guitars truly come into their own. The sound is raging and the riffing intense beyond belief. Then there is a track like unnamed closer which is an instruMENTAL piece reminiscent of the wacky moments of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. Hmm!! Should you be wondering, what has been the bane of many bands recently, trendy elements like like keyboards, are absent from In Obscure Depths thank the Devil. The quartet has gone out of its way to project a modern image here having, in the process, abandoned their original logo. Sadly the lay-out has snipped some of the lyrics from the final product and consequently dampened some of the effect. It will be difficult to find much on In Obscure Depths that can be termed original. Simultaneously there is nothing here that is done not well-done and attractive to fans of the extreme end of the metal genre.

Panchrysia has been around quite a while and it is not a surprise then that the band sounds original and doing its own thing at times and brings influences from other acts in other moments. Each Against All, which opens the album, is a doom/death track that more than anything reminds the listener of Mexican Radio, no not the original, but the Celtic Frost cover version. The album is generally underground and brutal, but often takes the listener on a dramatic turn that is theatrical. It could very well be that the spoken words, dubs and drama are owing to the record being a concept. Gilgamesh fools the listener with strumming to start before blasting forth. The singer sounds as if he is having an earnest conversation with himself mid-way through. Kairos is another good example of a doom/death track. The spoken word reappears on Never To See The Light Again. 28 Steps has a hypnotic note, while album closer Rats veers into a jazzy melody without abandoning metal. As said, it is both the same and original at the same time. In general, however, the production does a lot more favours to the upfront vocals and emotive guitars than the flat drums. – Anna Tergel