Cold Steele>>PANIC - USA

Epidemic – 1991 – Metal Blade
Fact – 1993 – Metal Blade

S= JEFF BRAIMES>>Hellcat, Watts
G= Exciter, Defiance, Strychnine>>MARTIN CHANDLER>>50 Paces, The Supersuckers
B= GEORGE HERNANDEZ>>Blacklist, Landfill, Sanctuary
D= Strychnine, Myramainz>>JACK COY

Cold Steele was founded in 1985 and became Panic in 1987. The act disbanded in 1994. Demo 1988, Sex & Violence and Morbid Curiosities preceded Demo ’90, which got the band a record deal. The band also showcased at a conference in Seattle called the Northwest Area Music Association (NAMA) in 1990. The debut was produced by Exodus’ Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt. Steve "Zetro" Souza was a guest on the record. The Exodus guys and their manager had seen the band play a club gig during the conference and their manager ended up being Panic’s manager. The group opened for Reverend during this period. The band shot a video for the song Blackfeather Shake. The band toured with Nuclear Assault. More shows with Pantera and Testament followed. Fact was derivative and the band found itself without management. The end was upon the band.

Panic was inspired by Anthrax and DRI.