Dawn Of Dreams – 1992 – Osmose
Khaooohs – 1993 – Osmose
Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ion – 1996 - Relapse

Pan-thy-monium image
S= Scypozoa, Cryptic Death, Kill, Darkified, No Fucking God>>DERELICT [ROBERTH KARLSSON]>>Darkified, No Fucking God, Edge Of Sanity, Devian, Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry, Zombified, Incapacity, Solar Dawn, Tormented
G= Nightingale>>ÄAG [DAG SWANÖ]>>Nightingale, Von Panzer, Ghost – Ophthalamia, Stygg Död, No Fucking God>>MOURNING [ROBERT IVARSSON]>>Ophthalamia, Stygg Död, No Fucking God, Ashes, Incapacity
B= Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Brejn Dedd, Unicorn, Maceration, Overflash, Steel, Total Terror, Route Nine, Godsend>>DAY DISYRAAH [DAN SWANO]>>Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Unicorn, Maceration, Overflash, Route Nice, Godsend, Steel, Total Terror, Infestdead, Star One, Solo, Odyssey, Bloodbath, Another Life, Witherscape, Darkicide
D= Ophthalamia, Edge Of Sanity, Total Terror, Stygg Död, Godsend>>WINTER [BENNY LARSSON]>>Ophthalamia, Edge Of Sanity, Total Terror, Stygg Död, Godsend

This act came together in the summer of 1990 and lasted longer than the average Dan Swano side-project. This one featured his brother Dag Swanö as well. Derelict and Aag were the last to join. It seemed intent on doing everything Edge Of Sanity, Dan’s main band, would not do inclusive of weird effects, blast beats, offbeat instrumentation and a salute to an immoral god. The band was around between 1990 and 1996. Centring around the mythological god Raagoonshinnaah, the act issued a demo called .....Dawn in 1990 before issuing a 7” called Dream II. Osmose signed the band for two records initially. Khaooohs featured Swedish lyrics. The act was history by the time the third record was out. Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ion was initially intended to be a 3-CD puzzle package.