Al Pie Del Cañón – 1982 – Chapa Discos
Sálvese Quién Pueda – 1983 - Chapa Discos
Toca Madera – 1985 - Chapa Discos
Caballeros De Sangre – 1986 - Chapa Discos
Sábado Negro – 1987 – Lady Alicia

Panzer image
S= Magerit, Maqueteras, Füel, Pina>>CARLOS PINA>>Füel, Pina

G= Maqueteras>>Juan Leal – Jesus “Suso” Diaz - Alfonso Samos

B= Harakiri>>FERNANDO DÍAZ-VALDÉS>>Harakiri

D= Harakiri>>RAFAEL RAMOS>>Harakiri

K= Magerit>>José Segura

History & Biography
There are multiple Panzer models on the metal scene, but the Madrid-based Spaniards were likely the first out of the gates. The band existed between 1981 and 1988 only to of course return in 2006 for eight years and again finding 2020 time to get moving again. The Spanish lyrics likely hindered the band internationally. Nonetheless, these reunions have not been productive. José Segura was a keyboardist at the very beginning. The band appeared at the Villa De San Blas festival. Suso Diaz joined for the second album. The first sign of life was 1982’s Al Pie Del Cañón through a local label which was also working with Baron Rojo. Those bands and others were heard on a 1984 compilation called Especial Heavy (II). Mausoleum of Belgium was distributing the albums in the rest of Europe. The band appeared on multiple compilations and typically issued at least on single to precede each album. Miguel Ángel "Cachorro" López joined on guitar in 2007. The group issued its own DVD called De Infierno A Infinito in 2010. Juan Leal died in 2018.

The core of the band’s line-up has been relatively stable over the years. Pina is a radio DJ.