Six Seconds Kill – 1996 - Serious
Outpost - Fort Europa – 1999 - Serious
Soul Collector – 2000 – Mighty
Room Service – 2003 – Mighty
Battalion Beast – 2006 – Neurotic
Regiment Ragnarok – 2011 – Listenable
7th Offensive – 2013 - Listenable
Last Of A Kind - 2023 - Emanzipation

Panzerchrist image
S= Angel Accelerator Death>>Lasse Hoile>>Angel Accelerator Death – Slasher, Mortor Rahm, Illdisposed>>Bo Summer>>Illdisposed, At The Grave – Adversary, Crocell>>Magnus Jørgensen>>Crocell – Modor, Exmortem>>Søren Lønne - Arsenic Addict>>SONJA ROSENLUND AHL

G= Finn Henriksen>>Incipit, Allfader - Jes Christensen - Rasmus Normand>>The Burning - Kim Jensen – Frozen Sun, Angel Accelerator Death>>Michael Kopietz>>Angel Accelerator Death – Ofring, Die, Slow Death Factory>>Rasmus Henriksen>>Die, Slow Death Factory, At The Grave, Crocell, Illdisposed - Nidhug, Mordulv>>Frederik O'Carroll>>Mordulv – Goat, Mortor Rahm, Illdisposed, Slow Death Factory>>Lasse Bak>>Slow Death Factory, World War 5, TrenchRipper – Within Hate>>Nils Petersen>>Within Hate - Nidhug, Mordulv>>FREDERIK 'CARROLL - Texas, Cakewalk, Defilementory, Arsenic Addict>>DANNY BO PEDERSEN

B= Nicolej Brink - Karina Bundgaard - MICHAEL ‘PANZERGENERAL’ ENEVOLDSEN

D= Illdisposed, Angel Accelerator Death>>Michael Enevoldsen>>Angel Accelerator Death – Frozen Sun, Exmortem>>Reno Kiilerich>>Dimmu Borgir, Dew-Scented, Vile - Frozen Sun, Exmortem, Dimmu Borgir, Dew-Scented, Vile>>Reno Kiilerich – Konkhra, The Cleansing, Dreadlord>>Mads Lauridsen>>Dreadlord, Eldjudnir, Gestapolis, Warscum – Streams Of Blood, Paragon Belial, At The Grave, Belphegor, Marduk>>Simon "Bloodhammer" Schilling>>At The Grave, Belphegor, Marduk - Indoctrination, Svartstot, Illnath, Ravishing, Satanic Assault Division, Akoma, Fairytale Abuse, Vanir, Poisoned Leaves, Sylvatica, Blackhorned, Heidra, Eldjudnir, Dreadlord, Caustic, Fjorsvartnir, Fall Of Pantheon, Crown The Beast, Vansind, Shadowspawn, Lotan, Trold, Thor Sejersen Riis, Detest>>DANNI JELSGAARD>>Vansind, Thor Sejersen Riis, Detest

K= Karina Bundgaard

History & Biography
This war metal act was founded in Aarhus in 1993 as Mr. Panzergeneral was leaving his post with Illdisposed. Several demos left to 1996’s Six Seconds Kill on domestic label Serious Entertainment. They moved to another Danish label for the third album. Karina Bundgaard joined on keyboards circa 1999. Bo Summer joined for Soul Collector whose titles were in German. He left and returned. According to the fourth album, tourists staying at hotels in Denmark should expect a tank ramming their rooms. Kiilerich left and returned. Michael Enevoldsen switched to bass for this album. Forever Panzer was a 2007 7” EP that re-issued the band’s 1995 demo. The band was on a hiatus at this point. Himmelfartskommando was a 2008 compilation of the band’s first two albums. Magnus Jørgensen became the singer for Regiment Ragnarok. This album was recorded independently before the group had a label. Morten Løwe Sørensen was supposed to drum, but Mads recorded with the band instead. The band was confined to the studio for years, but was booked for the Metal Magic Festival - Part IV at UngdommensHus in Fredericia, Denmark in 2011. The group had opted to play shows beginning in 2008. Bloodhammer became the drummer for Marduk in 2019.

A new album emerged from the band in 2023, but four out of five members were new in the line-up. The group was fronted by Ms. Sonja now. Guitarist O'Carroll had left in 2020 and returned in 2023. Drummer Jelsgaard was in every band possible.

The band’s full-length album feature a tank on their covers as ‘panzer’ is German for ‘tank.’ Panzerchrist and Illdisposed are engaged in long-term wife-swapping. The band consistently used the same words as the last lines for its songs on its early albums.


Denmark's Panzerchrist have made the switch here from Serious to Mighty for album number three and executed a good album of Danish death metal. Featuring a revamped line up, and two former Illdisposed members, the band delivers titles and lyrics in German and so the label is quick to point out that the band is not fascist, right wing, etc. I personally don't care should the band be NAZI, right wing or whatever; but the appearance of the German lyrics just adds to song names like Our Highest Pride, Black is Our Tank (these are translated titles) or the name of the debut album which was Outpost Fort - Europa! The band blazes through pure death metal tunes here with lots of gusto and speed, and especially with the recent addition of Bo of Illdisposed behind the microphone the band has scored a formidable growler up front - even if the man is utilizing less effects than previously. Not much to fault here - I wish the band photo wouldn't have them all laughing silly though - and so fans of Danish death can surely pick this up without much hesitation. - Ali "The Metallian"