Overkill>>Maniac>>Warhead>>PARADOX - GERMANY

Product Of Imagination – 1987 - Roadrunner
Heresy – 1990 – Roadrunner
Collision Course – 2000 - AFM
Electrify – 2008 - AFM
Riot Squad – 2009 – AFM
Tales Of The Weird – 2012 – AFM
Pangea – 2016 - AFM

S= Brutal Godz, Brain Damage, Exorchrist>>CHARLY STEINHAUER>>Brutal Godz, Brain Damage, Exorchrist
G= Brain Damage>>CHARLY STEINHAUER>>Brain Damage - Markus Spyth – Cronos Titan, Hellride>>Kai Pasemann>>Hellride, Terrible Old Man - Eternity's End, Alkaloid, Solo, Obscura>>Christian Münzner>>Eternity's End, Alkaloid, Solo, Obscura – Biomechanical, Black Fate, Solo>>Gus Drax [Kostas Drahalivas]>>Black Fate, Solo, Suicidal Angels, Sunburst
B= Roland Stahl - Matthias "K.ter" Fries Schmitt – Sieges Even, Pergana, Power Quest, Rhapsody Of Fire, Coldseed, Brutal Godz>>Oliver Holzwarth>>Sieges Even, Pergana, Power Quest, Rhapsody Of Fire, Coldseed, Brutal Godz, Abracadabra, Tragul – Olly Keller – Wartune, Keller, Thraw, Pestilence, Vicious Rumors, Testament, UDO>>Tilen Hudrap>>Wartune, Keller, Thraw, Pestilence, Vicious Rumors, Testament, UDO
D= Axel Blaha – Sieges Even, Avantasia, Pergana, Dol Ammad, Rhapsody Of Fire>>Alex Holzwarth>>Sieges Even, Avantasia, Pergana, Dol Ammad, Rhapsody Of Fire, Tragul, Brutal Godz, Abracadabra – Soul Demise>>Roland Jahoda – Hatred>>Daniel Buld>>Terrible Old Man, Brain Damage, Spetagon, Major Denial, Outloud>>Kostas Milonas>>Sunburst, Major Denial, Outloud, Foray Between Ocean, A-I-E-A, Braveride

Between 1981 and 1986 the Wuerzburg-based speed/thrash metal band operated under other names until settling on Paradox in 1986. The group disbanded in 1991, but naturally returned in 1998, although line-up changes have been a constant and the act has been Charly’s solo endeavour essentially. Demo #1 and Mystery preceded the debut Product Of Imagination.

Charly Steinhauer contracted a serious intestinal disease, which meant the band was on ice. The group was booked at the Thrash Assault 4 Festival in 2009 as replacement for Fueled by Fire On the heels of the release of the Riot Squad album, the act lost guitarist Kai Pasemann and drummer Roland Jahoda. According to the band, “We had no choice, because we found out we have a different view on how to reach our goals.” Candidates for the drum position were to bang an e-mail paradoxbangers@aol.com, since Biomechanical guitarist Gus Drax had already joined, although Jahoda re-joined in late January!

Drummer Alex Holzwarth and his brother bassist Oliver Holzwarth returned to Paradox in mid-2011. The band was working on a new album for AFM Records. The act released a 2012 album, Tales Of The Weird, on December 14th through AFM Records. The band parted ways with Greek guitarist Gus Drax "due to personal reasons" in 2012. Bassist Olly Keller left in 2013 and was replaced with Tommy Kittsteiner Calvanese. German speed metal band would issue a new album called Pangea in 2016. It was out on June 3rd through AFM. The album was the follow-up to 2012’s Tales Of The Weird. Stormspell issued The Demo Collection 1986-1987 in 2014. Paradox was reforming to start 2017 in its original line-up after 28 years to play European shows. The band was Charly Steinhauer (vocals/guitar), Markus Spyth (guitar), Roland Stahl (bass) and Axel Blaha (drums).

The band is on AFM Records, which means they receive less publicity than a demo act in Mongolia (but more promotion than bands on Massacre Records). Fans know that any members who leave the fold will be back in a matter of years.