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S= Limb For A Limb, Effrontery, Dead Eternity, Deathstruck, Ignotus Enthropya, Teurgia, Symmetry Of The Void>> ZASOLTH [ZSOLT LÉDECZI]>>Effrontery, Teurgia, Symmetry Of The Void

G= A – G [Gergő Drimus]>>Voltak

B= Dispassion, Pagan Megalith, Deathstruck, Aornos, The Konstellation>>P [Péter Bonnyay]>>Pagan Megalith, Deathstruck, Aornos, The Konstellation

D= Nebulosus Fatum, Overload, Rotten Guts, Idol Eyed, Karst, Battleroar, Apostasy, Formorket, Voltak, Gravel Shores, Junkies>>Gravel S [DÁNIEL CZAKÓ]>>Karst, Formorket, Voltak, Gravel Shores, Junkies, Svoid

History & Biography
This doom/black metal band came together in Miskolc in North-eastern Hungary in 2011 before relocating to Budapest. P had founded the band Barren, but the recruitment of G and A meant the act became more complex, involved and needed a new monicker. Timeless New Breed was a 2013 EP. Omass was a 2020 EP through Pest Records of Romania. WN was the second guitarist in 2020. Péter Bonnyay died in 2021 and the band's activities ceased.

Each member is involved in a dozen other acts simultaneously, which means Paragon Zero should not be taken seriously.



Paragon Zero