Hecatomb Of Aberration – 2003 - Crude

Patologicum image
S= Wilder, Whorehouse>>Piotr Popiel – Cerebrum>>GUMA [MARCIN MIELECKI]>>Cerebrum
G= Abyss, Epitome>>MACIEK MEK>>Abyss
B= Abyss, Cremaster>>DANIEL KARBOWNIK>>Abyss, Cremaster
D= Epitome, Reinfection>>MISIEK [MICHAŁ REMBISZ]>>Epitome, Reinfection

This pussycore band was around between 2000 and 2008 and again after 2013. The band had a full-length debut and several split releases before issuing a Promo demo in 2006. Kostek from Necropsy occasionally stood in for Piotr for concerts as the latter man had a busy work schedule. The band also played in Slovakia. A second full-length was announced, but not realized. This material was also heard on the Double Blast On Rocket Fuel split of Parricide and Patologicum in 2014.

Piotr Popiel owned Crude Entertainment. The name was inspired by Parricide’s Crude album.


This album is now four years old, but has only now reached the hallowed halls of Metallian Towers. Patologicum is a Polish death/grind pussycore band and through 14 songs with names like Massive Neck Injection By Infected Junkie, Vaginal Pus(sy), Tragedy In Supermarket (presumably about the arrival of a KFC outlet) and Rectal Love is out to prove a point. That point is that when it comes to burpgrindcoredeath Poland can compete with the best of them. In fact, Patologicum is quite reminiscent of Dead Infection, as well as Impetigo and aspects of early Carcass.
Unfortunately though the band suffers from the same afflictions of which many of its brothers-in-pus suffer. The album is replete with 1,001 samples from movies good and bad. The smell of cliché permeates when underground bands decide to sample Hollywood blockbusters. The album reminds us, on the other hand, that vocal effects were not used on this album, which is impressive given the deathbreaths passing as singing here.
There is more butchery going on here than a US army frolic through a village and Hecatomb Of Aberration is destined to be the sleeper hit of this summer’s beach parties everywhere. - Ali “The Metallian”

Did you think listening to gore/grind would worry your mother? Well, how about listening to a gore/grind song called Ladyboy Into Dark Room? It will make mommy dearest miss the days when you would crank out run-of-the-mill grindcore songs called In Deference or Four Walls! Patologicum has markedly improved with this release. The three songs and outro are well produced, violent and vicious, but take time to include a riff or two. Naturally, the pig grunting deathvox are never out of action. A knowledge of Polish would help, but is not necessary to the enjoyment and suffering that this brings. Visit the band at or get this disc through Crude Entertainment at - Anna Tergel