Prophecy – 1990 – Shark
World Within Worlds – 1993 – Rock Power/Shark

S= Herman "Messenger" Cambré – Charon, Criminal Judge>>Erik Rinkes
G= FREDDY MYLEMANS – Solo>>Jan Geerts>>Solo – Legends>>Jan Van Bulck
B= Paul Verboven
D= Clouseau>>Herman "Knighthammer" Cambré>>Clouseau

This band toiled as Pariah for five years before becoming a Patriarch in Antwerp, Belgium in 1988. The bassist for Pariah had died in a car accident and there were other acts with the same name out there. The power thrashers issued a demo in that year as well. Note the presence of two unrelated namesakes in the act. The debut album also had a name, which began with the letter P. The group opened for Dead Serious at one show. New Renaissance, which had included a song with the same name on the Satan’s Revenge compilation for the band, was interested, but the act ended up on the Shark label. The contract was for two records. The band had to resort to demoing material in 1995 and 1998. The group opened for Hibria on a short tour in 1999. Rinkes left in 2005 and returned in 2009 for a year. Drummer Luc Seeuws (ex-Legends) left in 1995 and returned in 2015. The latter’s writing session also contributed material to a split single with After All called No Recollection/Inside in the year 2000. The split 7'' was released on manager Geert Baelus' CanniBaelus Records. A 2008 demo was correctly called Mankind = The Virus. The band went dark until the 2013 demo The Red Cord and the 2016 demo Rage Of Gods. Mario Cesar became the singer in 2019. Kevin Vangelooven was the singer between 2011 and 2018. Watch Us... Feed Us... Control Us... also came independently in 2020.