Just For Fun – 1989 – Food For Thought
Rape Of The Earth – 1991 – Food For Thought
Amphibia – 1996 – Dreyfus
Amphibia Tour – 1997 - Dreyfus
On The Edge 1999 – Dreyfus
An Ephemeral World – 2004 – NTS
Live – 2009 - Xiii BIS

Patrick Rondat image
S= Pascal Mulot

G= The Element, Elegy, Jean Michel Jarre, Consortium Project>>PATRICK RONDAT>>Elegy, Jean Michel Jarre, Consortium Project


D= Christian Namour

History & Biography
Guitar virtuoso Patrick Rondat of Paris has been a solo act on and off since 1986. He played Wembley Stadium in 1993. He has also been a member of Elegy since 1999. He is also a live and studio session player. Drummer Christian Namour, who collaborated with the guitarist at the beginning, died in 2001. He committed suicide. Original Album Classics was a 2009 Boxed set of several earlier records courtesy of Xiii Bis.



Patrick Rondat