The Pain Tears – 1992 – Hellion
De Profundis – 1996 - Hellion
Moments Of The Afflictions – 2003 – Hellion
The Meaning Of Life – 2009 – Old Pride
Emanation From The Grave – 2014 – Old Pride

G= Spell Forest>>Gilbert Flagellum [Gilberto Santana]>>Spell Forest, Mythological Cold Towers, Crux Caelifera, Wulfpanzer - Mythological Cold Towers>>Marcello Nechron>>Mythological Cold Towers - Andhress Benten – Sextrash, Unreal>>Daniel Médici>>Unreal – Unreal>>Roberto Jr.>>Unreal – Ricardo Costa>>Divine Uncertainty – Skullkrusher, Siegrid Ingrid, Skinlepsy, Nervochaos>>Andre Gubber>>Desaster, Skullkrusher, Siegrid Ingrid, Skinlepsy – Sextrash, Unreal>>Daniel Medici
B= Skullkrusher>>MARCELLO SANCTUM [MARCELO FRANJA]>>Skullkrusher
D= Execration>>Alan Hamon>>Execration, Mythological Cold Towers, Spell Forest, Templum, Vulturine, Miasthenia - J.F. Woden - Leandro Gavazzi>>Cruor Cultum, Divine Uncertainty, Hammurabi, Wulfpanzer – Sextrash, Doomonic>>Luck Arnold [Luciano A. Siqueira]>>Sextrash, Outlaw, Funeral Serenade
K= Paulus C. Daemon>>Odium Hominum

This band has been issuing death/doom forth since December 1989. There was a demo called Agony Of Souls in 1989. There was a follow-up demo called Welcome To The Suffering in 1991. Guitarist Adriano Mayhem left the band and the group played shows as a trio until recruiting Gilbert Flagellum in June 1992. Hellion (vinyl for Brazil at first and later CD for South America) and Molten Metal/Runt (CD for the rest of the world) issued the group’s debut album in 1992. Keyboardist Paulo was added during the recording sessions. The band released a demo called Immortality in 1997. Nothing happened until 2003. Murder Records put together a compilation of the group’s songs called The Pain Years 1989-2010 in 2011.

The group has opened for the likes of Sodom, Rotting Christ and Mayhem. If there is one rule in Pentacrostic it is that, aside from Sanctum, the band has to change line-ups for each and every album. No repeat performances allowed!