S= Teratism>>SCOTT BIBUS
G= Teratism, Anal Blast>>Nick Kulczycki>>Anal Blast, Teratism, The Body Beneath, Demonicon, Wraithian, Invidiosus, Ghost Hook
B= Teratism, Lorde Of All Desires, Anal Blast>>TOM HEIKES>>Lorde Of All Desires, Anal Blast
D= Anal Blast, Lorde Of All Desires, Epoch Of Unlight>>TONY WILLIAMS>>Lorde Of All Desires, Epoch Of Unlight

This Minnesota-based act was around from the spring of 1998 to around 2001 and issued two demos on its own imprint. ..And The Sky Bled Gore came in 1999 and Spermatophore arrived a year later. Scott, Nick and Tom were previous members of Teratism.


There are several factors that normally would sway my opinion of a band towards the positive. Being independent from the parasitic influence of a record label is one. Being a heavy death metal unit is another. Unfortunately, neither factor could way in heavily enough to rescue these young Americans. Having listened to At the Gates' last musical contribution and the genius of Deranged' s High on Blood just prior to this eight tracker, I had ample reminder of how great quality death metal can be and what impact it has inevitably. As much as I would love to recommend fresh death metal, a unit like Pentagoria has so little tightness and originality going for it that that the task is next to impossible. What the scene needs is better musicianship, fresh ideas and lots of practice, all good advice for the quartet. C/o PO Box 23111, Richfield, MN 55423 USA.