Reborn - 2001 - Picoroco
The Malefice – 2013 – Cyclone Empire

S= Criminal, Inner Sanctvm>>ANTON REISENEGGER>>Criminal, Inner Sanctvm
G= Fallout, Criminal, Inner Sanctvm, Lock Up, Twilight Of The Gods, Brujeria>>ANTON REISENEGGER>>Fallout, Criminal, Inner Sanctvm, Lock Up, Twilight Of The Gods, Brujeria – Fallout>>JUAN PABLO URIBE>>Fallout
B= Criminal, Nimrod B.C., Dorso>>Juan Francisco Cueto>>Criminal, Nimrod B.C., Dorso – Takoma Star, Criminal>>Dan Biggin>>Takoma Star, Criminal, Annihilated, Trespass
D= Dorso, Fallout, Chronos, Arkham>>Eduardo Topelberg>>Dorso, Fallout, Chronos, Arkham – Nimrod B.C., Execrator, Sadism, Thornafire, Unslaved>>JUAN PABLO DONOSO>>Sadism, Unslaved

Pentagram a.k.a. Pentagram Chile has had as many fits and starts as Donald Trump has had wives and other miscellaneous hos. The band was active in the mid to late ‘80s initially, then again in 1991 and because bagging groceries gets boring and does not pay much again in 2009. At this juncture the band added a “Chile” to its name to avoid a dispute or confusion with the other Pentagram(s) around the scene. Anton Reisseneger and Juan Pablo Uribe were inspired by the heaviest the underground had to offer in 1985 and jumped headlong into the deathrash sound. The group had several drummers before recording and suffered from a lack of musicianship. The group’s first show was in 1985 and featured Massacre, Nimrod B.C., Belial, Rust and Crypt. Eduardo Topelberg was the drummer on the 1986 rehearsal tape. Demo #1 was issued in 1987. Anton was called Behemoth here. A Swiss label called Chainsaw Murder issued a 7” EP featuring the songs Fatal Prediction and Demoniac Possession. Anton travelled to Brazil where an actual scene existed and met with Max Cavalera of Sepultura as well. A hand-shake deal was agreed to with a local record company, but nothing transpired. Another demo was circulated on the underground scene. The band was a hit on the underground circuit, but due to a lack of opportunity for such an extreme band nothing happened. White hell was a track/demo in 1991, but the group collapsed again. Anton moved to the UK and then to Spain, but spurred by re-releases and compilations the band would come back and tour. Reborn was recorded at the reunion show in Chile in 2001. Dorso and Necrosis had opened the show. Anton became a member of Lock Up in 2009 replacing the dead Jesse Pintado. The band conducted a reunion tour in Chile and Europe in 2009. The group also played at Wacken where the band’s photo was the American Pentagram mistakenly. 2009's Hell's Pleasure festival featured both this Pentagram and the US-based doom act. Topelberg left in 2012. The band became Pentagram Chile at this juncture. The band’s debut in North America was at the Maryland Deathfest. The Malefice was a double-album, which featured old and new tracks. The band and Master had a split single courtesy of Cyclone Empire in 2013. Anton joined Brujeria in 2016. Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and Pentagram were to play at the Santiago Gets Louder festival in Santiago, Chile on the sixth of October 2019. Demos Collection 1986/1987 was a Chilean cassette compilation from 2020.

The members have been active in Fallout and Criminal together. Reisenneger is mainly busy with Criminal these days. He was also a radio DJ in Chile.