Aura Of Suffering – 2014 - Woodcut
Transcendent Emptiness – 2017 - Hellthrasher

Perdition WInds image
S= Neutron Hammer, Syöpä, Sacrificial Dagger, Sacrilegious Impalement, Satanic Torment, Crosswrecker, Sepulchral Temple, Front>>J.E. [Jani Von Südbucht]>>Front – Grave Violator>>J.I.>>Grave Violator

G= Supreme Court, Lie In Ruins, Corpsessed, Cataleptic>>T.K. [TUOMAS KULMALA]>>Supreme Court, Lie In Ruins, Corpsessed, Cataleptic – Clockwork Spirit, Neutron Hammer, Amarantine, Lie In Ruins>>R.A. [RONI ÄRLING]>>Lie In Ruins

B= J.K.A.

D= Lie In Ruins, Cryptborn , Desolate Shrine, Sargeist>>R.S. [RONI SAHARI]>>Lie In Ruins, Cryptborn , Desolate Shrine, Sargeist

History & Biography
Hail Satan! Said Perdition Winds as of 2010. Three members of the band were in Lie In Ruins, but J.E. was the initial instigator and the man who chose the band’s monicker. Darker Than Black Records issued the band’s debut EP in 2012. Woodcut Records issued Perdition Winds’ Aura Of Suffering CD in late 2014. The band played at the Turku Saatanalle III with Mortuus, Devouring Star and Hoath. The band and Russian black metal band had a split disc in 2015. Transcendent Emptiness was issued in late 2017. The band was part of a concert called Gathering Of The Sodomites II in 2019.



Perdition WInds