Conviction Of Voidness – 2014 – Darkwoods
Astral Dream – 2015 – Darkwoods
Epiphanies Of The Orphaned Light – 2016 - Darkwoods
Portraits - 2021 – Non Serviam

Perennial Isolation image
S= Crynight, Setge, Inania Regna, Cauldron>>A [ALBERT BATLLE]>>Inania Regna, Cauldron

G= K [Kim Serrano]>>Monostor, Vad – M [MARC CAMO] – Kylmä, Solo>>I [IVAN FERUS]>>Kylmä, Solo – Khaos Origin, Immorgon, Inhuman Creation, Abisme>>ANNA VIDAL>>Inhuman Creation, Abisme

B= Evnar, Inania Regna>>A [ALBERT BATLLE]>>Evnar, Inania Regna

D= Atrexial, Decapitated Christ>>V>>Atrexial, Decapitated Christ

History & Biography
This band came together in 2012. The abdn issued a demo called Uncertainty in 2013. I joined in 2015, left in 2017 and returned in 2018. Spain-based Perennial Isolation was following the 2016 CD Epiphanies Of The Orphaned Light with Portraits, which was released through Non Serviam Records on March 26.



Perennial Isolation