Cult Of Destruction – 2008 – Nuclear War Now!
Anticosmocrator – 2015 – Hells Headbangers
Umbravorous – 2018 - Pulverised

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S= Mandingazo, Etagord, Rock & Ron>>TORRID/WAR IS SNAKE [ROBERTO ROJAS]>>Rock & Ron

G= Mandingazo, Etagord, Nefasto, Rock & Ron>>ABOMINABLE [DANIEL ROJAS]>>Nefasto, Rock & Ron

B= Evil Madness, Eaten Alive, Valefar, Morbid Cruelty>>MORBEST [MATÍAS UBEDA]>>Evil Madness, Eaten Alive, Valefar, Morbid Cruelty

D= Winds Of Darkness, Humberstone, Warfront, Nur, Misticismo>>KNERNET [JEAN CLAUDE DEDOMPIERRE]>>Nur, Misticismo

History & Biography
The black/deathrash squad came together in 2007 and issued its debut Cult Of Destruction at the end of 2008. Hells Headbangers Records issued 2010’s Demon Metal EP. The line-up was the same as the debut and would remain consistent. A split with Morbosidad followed. Pacto Records released the 2011 EP, The Shadow Of Abomination. This was re-issued by Hells Headbangers. War Is Snake was on vocal for the sophomore full-length in 2015. What had happened to Torrid? He had changed his alias. Umbravorous, a new album of the black thrash band was released by Pulverised Records on March 15th 2019. Psicomoro was an EP in the year of some people’s lord 2020.