Reaching The Void – 2014 – Great Dane
Expanding Oblivion – 2020 - The Korporation

S= Nocturnal Addiction, Nokturnal, Spectre>>JEROME BERNARD
G= Innerfire, Mental Vortex>>Antoine Paterka>>Mental Vortex, Dysrancor, Orion’s Night – Death Blood Destroyer, Spectre>>Emerson Devresse>>Death Blood Destroyer, Spectre – Adeslave, Mystica, In-quest, Emeth>>VALERY BOTTIN
B= Burgus, Salmonellose, Excavated, Innerfire>>ADRIEN GUSTIN
D= Burgus, Salmonellose, Innerfire>>PHILIPPE GUSTIN

This death metal band was founded in 2004. But the members date back to an earlier act called Salmonellose. Demo 2006 was the first release. Age Of Disgrace was a subsequent 2010 demo. The group opened for Kataklysm and Krisiun. A tour with Nile precedes the debut record. The Korporation signed the Belgium-based band for the 2020 release of a full-length, Expanding Oblivion. Belgium-based Pestifer had a documentary about the recording of its new album Expanding Oblivion, its release amidst the current pandemic, its relationship with Xenokorp and a live in the studio recording during the Belgian quarantine.

Adrien and Jerome are twins.