Reaching The Void – 2014 – Great Dane
Expanding Oblivion – 2020 - The Korporation

Pestifer image
Excavated>>Morty [Olivier Putz]>>Orion’s Night, Spectre, Under A Grey Sun - Nocturnal Addiction, Nokturnal, Spectre>>JEROME BERNARD

Innerfire, Mental Vortex>>Antoine Paterka>>Mental Vortex, Dysrancor, Orion’s Night – Death Blood Destroyer, Spectre>>Emerson Devresse>>Death Blood Destroyer, Spectre – Adeslave, Mystica, In-quest, Emeth, Drakkar>>VALERY BOTTIN>>Drakkar

Burgus, Salmonellose, Excavated, Innerfire>>ADRIEN GUSTIN

Burgus, Salmonellose, Innerfire>>PHILIPPE GUSTIN

History & Biography
This death metal band was founded in 2004. But the members date back to an earlier act called Salmonellose. Demo 2006 was the first release. Age Of Disgrace was a subsequent 2010 demo. The group opened for Kataklysm and Krisiun. A tour with Nile preceded the debut record. Early singer Morty drowned and died in 2016. The Korporation signed the Belgium-based band for the 2020 release of a full-length, Expanding Oblivion. Belgium-based Pestifer had a documentary about the recording of its new album Expanding Oblivion, its release amidst the current pandemic, its relationship with Xenokorp and a live in the studio recording during the Belgian quarantine.

The act signed a deal with the French label Debemur Morti Productions in late 2022. The first product was a concept EP, called Defeat Of The Nemesis, which was due in 2023.

Adrien and Jerome are twins.