What does a man possessed by Satan sound like? Patrick Mameli of Pestilence comes close (although if you said George Bush or any number of US Republicrat politicians or worse corporate CEOs you’d be right too).
Pestilence’s reformation and return were not supposed to be attention-grabbers. The band had split up amidst a fiasco called Spheres, which was issued in 1993 to wild acclaim in major metal magazine circles. Safe to say it was a wimpy defilement of many thing the band had been and for which death metal stood. The group threw in the towel with this here Mameli pontificating about the shite that death metal and its fans were.
Lo and behold, apparently older does mean wiser. Pestilence - actually only Mameli and Cynic’s Tony Choy remain with the latter having played on the Testimony Of The Ancients album - is back and just like its feasting-on-gore countrymen has seen the light of brutality and metal. Now, of course, Mameli has seen the royalty statements of his jazz-cum-metal last album and knows what a disaster is, but there is no denying Resurrection Macabre’s brutal death metal assault. This album is true to its name with its chugging heavy riffing, bottom-heavy crunch and speedy drumming where Wildoer rides his high hat like a husband on his gold digging wife. Everyone knows the score. With the death metal substance and style being complete it is all the extras that propel this album to the higher echelons. Just hear the opening grunts of the album on Devouring Frenzy. The guys from Soilwork pissed their pants right there. Mameli sounds like his old self crossed with Seance’s Johan Larsson. The sole criticism one can level at the album is the overly repetitious riffing on certain songs. Tracks like Hate Suicide, Synthetic Grotesque and the title track are especially guilty parties. Some of the old technicality also comes through on tracks like Fiend or Synthetic Grotesque, but merged with the brutality there is very little one could legitimately complain about in that respect. My version of the CD features three older and rerecorded songs, namely Chemo Therapy, Out Of The Body and Lost Souls. - Ali “The Metallian"