Bacterial Cancer>>Bacterial Disease>>PHLEBOTOMIZED - THE NETHERLANDS

Immense Intense Suspense – 1994 – Cyber
Skycontact – 1997 - Cyber
Deformation Of Humanity – 2018 - Hammerheart
Clouds Of Confusion - 2023 - Hammerheart

Phlebotomized image
S= Barry Schuyer>>Monastery, Weakillsick – Dennis Geestman>>Held, A-OK, Ploink, Unfix, Even Vast – Sepiroth, Arminius, Dark Remains, Night Of Suicide, Façade, Caedere, Anchillys>>BEN DE GRAAFF>>Night Of Suicide, Façade, Caedere, Anchillys

G= Second Chance>>Jordy Middelbosch>>Second Chance – Emerged, Held>>TOM PALMS>>Emerged, Held – Magnetron, The Eliminatim Mordant>>DENNIS BOLDERMAN – The Frontiers>>THIJS VAN DER SLUJS>>The Frontiers

B= She Shall>>Patrick Van Der Zee>>She Shall – Jaro Stulrajter – Serenade Of Darkness, Serenity Forgotten, Mytox, Nymphea Aurora, Catalexie, A Young Man’s Funeral>>ANDRE DE HEUS

D= Obtruncation>>Lawrence Payne>>Obtruncation, My Every Thought, LP Blues Band, Even Vast, Unfix – No Identity, Animosity, Baatezu, Codex Mortis>>ALEX SCHOLLEMA

K= Ben Quack>>A-OK, Ploink – Iscariot>>ROB OP’T VELD

V= Maarten Post - Jaro Stulrajter

History & Biography
The band was founded after changing names in 1990. Tom and Lawrence were school-mates and became friends on a field trip. Lawrence chose the monicker. The new band focused on the new atmospheric trend instead of pure death/grind. First demo was called Live and was issued in 1991; however, the first demo to actually get distribution was 1992’s Devoted To God. Female vocals and keyboards were part of the proceedings. This demo was re-issued by Carnage records and years later printed by Vic Records. The band had a 7” called In Search Of Tranquillity also in 1992. The songs were already heard on the aforementioned demo. Cyber Music signed the band and issued the debut album in 1994. Barry had left in December of 1993. A full-time violinist was part of the stated line-up. The band bit the dust after the second album. Skycontact had left the brutal metal behind. Main songwriter, the Belgium-born, Lawrence had wimped out – although the band had K&F and violins to begin with! As things go on the music scene the band returned in 2013 and oversaw the re-release of its two albums as compilations until 2018’s Deformation Of Humanity. In reality, only Patrick Van Der Zee and Tom Palms were returning members and the former would leave in 2017. Deformation Of Humanity was on a label but partly funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The group played the Netherlands Deathfest in 2019. The band was booked for the Maryland Deathfest, which was cancelled in 2020. The band issued an EP called Pain, Resistance, Suffering in 2021.

The group uploaded a song called Destined To Be Killed in advance of the band’s 2023 album Clouds Of Confusion, which was out through Hammerheart Records on May 26th. The band was booked for shows like Bloodfest IV and a concert with Officium Triste and Ataraxie.

Phlebotomy is the medieval act of bleeding the veins to either obtain blood or (falsely believing) to cure disease.