The Reckoning – 2010 – Pitch Black
World Demise – 2016 – Pitch Black

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S= Mindcrime, Sabbath In Black>>HANS HELGE IVERSEN>>Mindcrime, Sabbath In Black

G= DwellingSouls, Drakar, Evig Natt>>ARNE MARTON TANGJERD>>DwellingSouls, Drakar, Evig Natt - Thundra, Numbed>>RUNE FREDRIKSEN>>Numbed

B= Endless, Still Ill>>ROY ØSTREM>>Endless, Still Ill

D= Ego Tripp, Numbed>>FRODE GUNDERSEN>>Ego Tripp, Numbed

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2004 and issued a demo in 2005. From The Ashes was the 2006 demo. Guitarist Jan Gunnar Tangen left. The group had opened for the kikes of Kamelot, Doro and Keep Of Kalessin. The Reckoning featured the demo tracks, was recorded at the same studio as the demos and was mastered by Andy LaRocque. Norway-based Pictures Of Pain had an album called World Demise through Pitch Black in 2016, which was the follow-up to The Reckoning which was issued six years prior. The band reported working on new material in 2019 and again 2021.

Horrorscope had an album with the name Pictures Of Pain in 2001. The band itself reported there was an unreleased namesake song as well.



Pictures Of Pain