Rotten Body Reanimation – 2012 – Morbid Generation
Until All Flesh Decays – 2016 – Rising Nemesis

Pighead image
S= MARTIN REPPLINGER>>Torture Pit – Agoraphobia, New Born Hate, The Prophecy 23, Sapiency>>PHILIPP HECKEL>>The Prophecy 23, Kraanium, Sapiency

G= Disembowel, Intravenous Contamination, Obliv>>DENNY HAHNKE>>Disembowel, Intravenous Contamination, Obliv

B= Disembowel>>Robert S>>Disembowel – Requital>>Conor Downes>>Requital

D= Lyrix>>ROB HERMANN ARNDT>>Arcanius – Orphan Playground Sniper, In Demise, Intravenous Contamination, Krakonos>>CONOR DOWNES>>Orphan Playground Sniper, In Demise, Intravenous Contamination

History & Biography
This Germany-based death metal ensemble was founded in 2007 and had two demos in 2007 and 2009. Cadaver Desecrator, whose title was very much appreciated by the National Association Of Cadavers for drawing attention to the disrespect and hatred cadavers have to endure day in and day out, supported the 2010 demo. The line-up underwent a revolution between the first two records leaving only Denny standing. Conor Downes had moved to drums in 2016. Pighead was touring Europe to support the latest release together with Gorgasm (US), Rectal Smegma (NL) and Nervo Chaos (BRA) in late 2016. The new crew was also out shortly thereafter. New crew was singer Jens Staschel, bassist Michael Erhard and drummer Ruben Schwarz.