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Metal Inquisition – 1984 – Cobra
Stay Ugly – 1986 - Cobra

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History & Biography
Piledriver became Dogs With Jobs became The Exalted Piledriver, but let us rewind back to Toronto in 1984. A speed/thrash/pervert band is formed using a sex toy/construction equipment as a monicker and issued as Metal Inquisition through Cobra Records. Tracks included fun activities like Sodomize The Dead and the quintessentially Canadian Sex With Satan, which gave American distributors heartburn. A bunch of members are listed under the leadership of one Gord Kirchin. The vocals were laid down in two days by the Ottawa-based Kirchin. In fact, despite the planted biography and imaginary musicians, the band was a studio project to cash in on the explosion of metal and lo and behold it sells. The members of pop dance band One To One who had written the stuff must have been (surprised and) ecstatic. Not sure how “Lee” the drum machine felt. In any case, One To One’s Leslie Howe had called in his former band-mate.

Given the success another fake line-up is assembled and second album ordered. This one, again on Canadian label Cobra, arrived in 1986. This one was co-written by David Defeis and Eddie Pursino of Virgin Steele. The former would years later utilize The Fire God for his own band. A third album called Shock was the intention for Gord, but the label and its support went the way of Donald Trump’s support for his family, lawyers and former wives.

An actual band was only assembled in 2005. The band continued as The Exalted Piledriver and even hit Europe in 2009.

There have been multiple bootleg re-releases of the albums over the years. A compilation of the album was called Ugly Metal and issued by Cryptic Fan in 2018. Piledriver and The Exalted Piledriver frontman Gord Kirchin died due to lung cancer in 2022. He was 60 years old. The life of Gord Kirchin was the subject of Gord Kirchin Reviving His Musical Legacy at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto, Canada on 09.12.2022. The man had died in September. Donations would go to the Ottawa area centre where he had received cancer treatment.