Obsidian Arc – 2017 - Eisenwald

Pillorian image
S= Uncomposing, Pessimyst, Agalloch, Solo>>JH [JOHN HAUGHAM]>>Agalloch, Solo

G= Uncomposing, Pessimyst, Agalloch, Sculptured>>JH [JOHN HAUGHAM]>>Agalloch, Solo - The Will Of A Million, Arkhum>>SP [STEPHEN PARKER]>>The Will Of A Million, Arkhun, Paraphilia

B= Banewreaker, The Will Of A Million>>SP [STEPHEN PARKER]>>Banewreaker, The Will Of A Million, Paraphilia

D= Infernus, Uada>>TM [TREVOR MATTHEWS]>>Uada

History & Biography
The band was around for three years beginning 2016 and disbanded when Matthews and Parker left when they interpreted Haugham’s Facebook comments as anti-Semitic. An apology was forthcoming anyway. None of this affected anybody as, by law, each member was simultaneously running a dozen projects.

A Stygian Pyre 7” on Eisenwald in 2017 lead to the only full-length. Bassist NK (Nathanael Kelley) was around only in 2017. Bassist KRP (Kenneth Parker) replaced him (and every other bassist in the world given the number of bands, er, projects he is in).

Monicker-wise, the band was inspired by the Agalloch Of Stone, Wind And Pillor EP.