New Dawn - 2021 - Black-listed

S= Destrose, Velvet★Cherry, Fate Gear>>AKANE>>Velvet★Cherry, Fate Gear - 天狗櫻, Albion, Apsalus, Fluorite, Traitor, Rakshasa, Garden Of The Lilium>>YURI>>Albion, Apsalus, Fluorite, Traitor, Rakshasa, Garden Of The Lilium

G= Elue Marine, Blooming Black>>HITOMI>>Blooming Black

B= Fate Gear>>ERIKA.F [FUJISAKU ERIKA]>>Fate Gear

D= Heaven's Tragedy, The Doll Parts, Vanquiet, Mousou Replicant>>RANNA>>The Doll Parts, Vanquiet, Mousou Replicant

K= Rakshasa,Wirbelwind>>YUCCA>>Rakshasa,Wirbelwind

History & Biography
Active for a year beginning in October 2011, when Akane (formerly Destrose) and Yuri disbanded, and again from 2020, Pinkish Crown rode the girl band boom wave in Japan and issued a record through Black-listed in 2021. At least one song was said to be carried over by HiToMi from her previous act. The recording line-up was singers Akane and Yuri, guitarist and backing vocals HiToMi, bassist Erika.F, drummer Ranna and keyboardist Yucca. Metal fans would approach this act with caution given the prevalence of pop melodies and the keyboards. Yuri inserted a couple of Pinkish Crown songs into a streaming set she was conducting in 2021. Akane was busier with her main band Velvet★Cherry although that act became somewhat inactive during the pandemic.

The act began 2022 with a show with FullMooN in Japan. Pinkish Crown and Cerveteri performed together in 2022. Then The SheGlapes, Pinkish Crown and Fathomless Skywalker announced a concert.

The band's guitarist was called Lovely (formerly of Destrose and Wistaria) and bassist was Ami (formerly Destrose) during the early period. Ami left and the band scattered in August 2012. Singer Akane left Pinkish Crown citing musical differences in late 2022.

Pinkish Crown is sometimes considered a mere project with the initial formation being attributed to a response to earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan and the second iteration to spend time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lovely became a performer incorporating a quasi-belly dance into a routine under the name Ai Lazward as part of a group called Deskko.