Ecocide – 1992 – Morbid
Betrayed – 1996 – DSFA
Into Darkness – 2001 - Rokarola

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S= Sons Of Jonathas>>RONALD CAMONIER>>Sons Of Jonathas

G= Pollution>>RONALD CAMONIER>>Master Of Waha – Pollution>>ERWIN WESDROP

B= Sacrament>>Menno De Fouw – El Nino, Burial>>STEVEN VRIESWIJK>>Burial, Collateral Damage

D= Sacrament, El Nino>>FRISO VAN WIJCK>>El Nino, Strych.Nine, Crimson Falls

History & Biography
Polluted Inheritance was a Netherlands-based techno-deathrash metal band that performed between 1989 and 2008. The band was founded by the merger of members of Pollution and Sacrament. The act had a self-titled demo in 1990, which was followed up by Polluted Inheritance (Part Two) in the same year. After Life was a follow-up demo in 1991. Singer Jean-Paul Hoorman left. He had been in Pollution previously. He would die ten years later. The band’s guitarist took over the vocals. Morbid Music/West Virginia signed the band and issued Ecocide in late 1992. The record was produced by Andy Classen of Holy Moses. Demo 94 two years later signalled that the relationship was at an end. In fact, the label had gone the way of break dancing and Jesus Christ and disappeared. The band shifted to a Dutch label for its next record. A few shows with Orphanage ensued. DSFA could not shift units and dropped the act. The label after that was Rokarola, which issued a new record for the band in 2001. An independent single called Try Out appeared in 2003 and that was the end. The band’s last show was opening for Testament. Friso became a jazz drummer. The band’s first two albums were re-issued by Vic Records in 2013. They included demo tracks tagged on.



Polluted Inheritance