Eternally Haunt – 1996 – Metal Merchant

Possession image
S= Heirborne, Frost Like Ashes>>NYK EDINGER>>Ecthirion, Frost Like Ashes, Elgibbor

G= Heirborne, Frost Like Ashes>>SHAYNE SCHOLL>>Frost Like Ashes – MIKE VINSON

B= Lance Whipple

D= Shane Goade

History & Biography
The white metal boys from the Bible Belt with a background in Heirborne began operating as Possession in 1991 and lasted until 2000. The band combined high-pitched screams with growled vocals. Scholl was in an accident at the beginning leading to Vinson’s admission. Mad Crazed & Violent was the 1993 demo. The Unnameable Suffering (religion?) was another demo from the same year. These lead to the grammatically dubious Eternally Haunt album of 1996, which due to the label was delayed from 1995. Lance took the window and exited the act. The band accused Casey of Metal Merchant of ripping them off. Everything went so well that the boys released a demo, called Scourge & Fire, in 1997. This was Goade’s last recording before John Longstreth (Origin, etc.) took over the recording. Xtreem Music found the band and issued a compilation called Disentombed Manifestations in 2020. Mike Vinson was playing guitar in his church.