Wings Of Forever – 2002 – Underground Symphony
Neverworld - 2003 – Now & Then/Avalon
Magic Never Dies – 2005 – Majestic Rock/Avalon
Master Of Illusion – 2008 – Napalm/Avalon
Blood Alliance – 2011 – Napalm/Avalon
Sixth Dimension – 2017 - Inner Wound/Avalon

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Arthemis, Ground Control>>Alessio Garavello>>Arthemis, Ground Control, Frontiers All Stars, A New Tomorrow – Court Jester, Avalon, Firewind, Moonlight Agony, PowerWorld, Civilization One, David Shankle Group, Rekuiem, Red Circuit>>Chity [Chitral Somapala]>>Red Circuit, Solo - Dendera, Tigertailz>>ASHLEY EDISON>>Dendera, Tigertailz

Steve Williams – Karnage, Demoniac, DragonHeart, Shadow Warriors, DragonForce>>Sam Totman>>Shadow Warriors, DragonForce – D.R.S., Season’s End>>Adam Bickers>>Season’s End, Deus Machina – Arthemis, Ground Control>>Alessio Garavello>>Arthemis, Ground Control, A New Tomorrow – Arthemis, Fear Of Fours, Solo>>Andrea Martongelli>>Arthemis, Fear Of Fours, Solo, Kobra And The Lotus, Altitudes & Attitude – Triaxis, I Am I, Starstorm>>Gavin Owen>>Triaxis, I Am I, Starstorm – I Am I, Liquid Sky>>Andy Midgley>>I Am I, Liquid Sky, Neonfly – Firax, Triaxis, Fury Of The Waters>>GLYN WILLIAMS – I Am I>>Andrew Kopczyk

DragonHeart, ShadowKeep>>Steve Scott>>ShadowKeep – Hysteria>>Paul Finnie>>Hysteria

Andre Bargmann – Stigmhate, Anemnesi, Hypnotheticall>>Francesco Tresca>>Stigmhate, Anemnesi, Arthemis – Cruel Humanity, Raven Lord, I Am I>>Rich Smith>>Raven Lord, I Am I

Dog Day Sunrise, DragonHeart, Mercury Rain, David Shankle Group, Iron Mask, Eden’s Curse>>STEVE WILLIAMS>>Mercury Rain, David Shankle Group, Iron Mask, Eden’s Curse

History & Biography
Power Quest was founded following the departure of keyboard player Steve Williams from DragonHeart, which later became DragonForce. This was March 2001. Williams intended to have a strictly local Southampton, England line-up, but this proved impractical and most members ended up being Italy-based. The initial members were Steve Williams, Steve Scott and Adam Bickers. A self-titled demo was issued featuring singer ZP Theart of DragonHeart in the same year. The band found favour with Underground Symphony of Italy and issued a record, called Wings Of Forever, in 2002. The drummer was a drum machine. Singer Alessio Garavello was an introduction from the label. Clive Nolan of Pendragon contributed vocals. Guitarist Adam Bickers did not last for the next record and left to pursue his schooling. Martongelli was in, as was drummer Andre Bargmann. He did not last. Next out was Totman who was seeing DragonForce take off. The band supported Neverworld through a couple of shows in the UK. The band opened for Threshold. The band also played with Dream Evil and Labyrinth in London. Soon enough Garavello picked up the guitar in Totman’s stead. Not finally Garavello took off after a headlining show at Hammerfest in 2009. The band explained that he wanted to pursue a more alternative music direction. Impressed by his former band-mates Andrea Martongelli also left. The band cited time constraints as the reason. Power Quest replaced Primal Fear as openers for Helloween in the UK in 2006. The band also toured with Pagan’s Mind. The band had switched to Napalm Records. Master Of Illusion featured a guest appearance by Threshold keyboardist Richard West. Steve Scott and Bill Hudson left in 2009. Bass-for-lease Oliver Holzwarth offered his time for money for a while. The band was reformatted in 2009. New-ish singer Pete Morten and guitarist Ben Randall jumped ship to go on a quest for their own powers. The band had found a replacement for the singer immediately and called it musical differences. The band was soliciting applications from guitarists. A couple of members did not make it to the next album, which was 2011’s Blood Alliance, surely an ironic title. Upon recording, nomadic singer Chity Somapala took off after one year in the band and a performance at Bloodstock. The band explained that the singer wanted to pursue a rock direction with a solo endeavour and Chity explained there was no income from the band. Steve Scott jumped back in to assist at this juncture. Chity’s replacement was Colin Callanan from Karuna. Citing bankruptcy, the band broke up. Several former members like Garavello and Tresca were guests on the farewell shows and having made the announcement, done the shows and sold the T-shirts the group announced its return in 2016.

The immediate result was the Face The Raven EP. It was produced by Alessio Garavello. New guitarists and twin brothers Dan and Gavin Owen joined the Power Quest alumni club immediately. Callanan was not back with the band. The singer was Ashley Edison. The band had a 2016 album called Sixth Dimension. In this dimension members are accommodated for a maximum of two years before being set loose on their own. The band went to Japan for the first time in 2017. Three shows, alongside Freedom Call and Twilight Force, were given. The band also appeared at ProgPower in the USA and Sabaton Open Air in Sweden. The band then opened for DragonForce in the UK. The band toured with Freedom Call in 2018. Bassist Paul Finnie was back with the band, but died after a show with his Def Leppard covers’ band Hysteria in 2018. Finnie had been a band roadie prior to becoming a member. Raven Lord’s George Karafotis was the new second guitarist. Power Quest uploaded a few songs in the following years. Tigertailz recruited singer Ashley Edison as the replacement for Rob Wylde to start 2023. The band had a re-recording of its song Sick Sex with the new frontman and planned to perform at concerts in 2023. Instead, citing a lack of pre-sales for its concerts the band threw in the towel in early 2023.



Power Quest