Once We Were Kings - 2010 - Alcatraz
Awaken The Beast - 2012 - Ultimhate
In for a Penny, In for a Pound - 2014 - Mighty
Done Deal - 2016 - Spinal
Omissa - 2018 - Bret Hard
The Path Against All Others - 2020 - Graviton
Diamonds Made Of Scars - 2023 - Graviton/Raccoon

Powerstroke image
Invictrius>>Jonathan Matthys - BAVO COENE

Ascendancy>>MAARTEN GEERAERTS - Headmeat, Faustian Moon, Quaetdoener>>FREDERIEK NUYT>>Quaetdoener

Invictrius>>Jonathan Matthys - Asatru, Herfst>>Collin Boone>>Asatru, Herfst, Saille, Carrion - Paralysis>>Mark De Smit - Shattered Skull, Everglow, Hudič>>JOCHEN REYSKENS>>Hudič

Pieter Daelman - Carrion, Reject The Sickness>>Jannick Govaert>>Reject The Sickness - Caerus>>NIELS MATTHIJS>> Caerus

History & Biography
The group was founded by drummer Pieter Daelman and guitarist Maarten Geeraerts in August 2007. Jonathan Matthys joined the two in January 2008 and came up with the monicker. The act climbed the stage for the first time that May.

The band became the local winner for Wacken Open Air 2011. The first record was called Once We Were Kings. One of the serfs for Metallian Towers became the model for the cover. The band moved to another label and released Awaken The Beast in 2012. A serf from Metallian Towers was depicted again. Third album, third label and the cover did not feature anyone from Metallian and instead went with the writers for websites other than Metallian meeting with publicists and giving everything 8/10 or higher. Frederiek Nuyt was on second guitar now. Drummer Kris Seghers came and went. You know the drill, fourth album (in 2016) and fourth guy in his mother’s basement a.k.a. fourth label. Jonathan was gone and Bavo Coene was on vocals. Collin Boone was on bass.Niels Matthijs joined on drums in 2017. Omissa was on a German label and was released at the beginning of 2018. The band opened for Six Feet Under. Jochen Reyskens became the bassist in 2019 and the act toured with and opened for Body Count. Guitarist Chris Van Geel, like Niels also of Caerus, stayed briefly. 2020 brought another record. This one was on a label/publicist. The band had tried to counter the financial problems that came with the pandemic with a crowdfunding campaign. Nornagest of Enthroned contributed vocals to this record.

After two consecutive years playing at the Alcatraz Open Air Festival, Belgium-based thrash metal group Powerstroke was touring Europe with Evildead in the summer of 2023. The act was also touring with Pro-Pain. The single Back To Square One featured Gary Meskil from Pro-Pain as well. The band would also release a demo called Diamonds Made Of Scars in September. There was a video for the track Show Me A Sign.