Evillot – 1999 - Northwind
Lightbringer – 2000 - Pavement

G= Mauro Cattarella – Ocropoid>>MARCO CECCONI
B= Daniele Viola>>Aedera Obscura, Lacus Mortis – Fabio Iannone
D= Roberto “Thunder” Dussi - Heavy
K= Claudio “Croce” Berra – MARCO VOLPE

Power Symphony was a pompous band founded by Singer Michela and Marco Cecconi in September 1994. The initial idea was to combine metal and Classical music. A self-titled demo arrived in 1995. The band recorded on its own in 1997 and 1998, created a promo tape and had Northwind Records issue the material as the debut album in 1999. Strangely, for an Italian band, the band incorporated Celtic influences. The cover featured a Metallian Towers’ serf. The next album was given to the US-based Pavement Music. It was produced by Armored Saint’s Joey Vera. There was a video for The Way Of The Sword. As with all Pavement releases the album went nowhere and the band issued its own demo, entitled Futurepast, in 2002. It featured a Manowar cover version. The band and Pavement/Crash had parted in 2001. Viola had left in 1999 and returned in 2002. The band uploaded a bunch of songs called Mother Darkness in 2004 and dissolved. Mauro De Brasi of Hyades was the 2004 drummer.


Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh, keyboards! 'Started out as a 'Classical music meets Power Metal' project' and fronted by a woman who at best makes me want her to cook spaghetti for my dining pleasure and at worst makes me unsure whether she is taking this seriously. Power Symphony certainly has the composition talent, standard heavy metal structure and good sound to be of interest, but the addition of keyboards, a Gathering Style woman-in-front-of-the-boys photo and the incredible nonsense of an Italian band having 'Celtic' influences make me ultimately reject this disc. - Ali "The Metallian"


Power Symphony