Manifest Decimation – 2013 – Southern Lord
Live Series – 2014 – Moshers Delight
Nightmare Logic – 2017 – Southern Lord
Live In Winnipeg – 2018 – Ya Bo

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S= Balls Out, Masterpiece Machine>>Riley Gale>>Balls Out, Masterpiece Machine

G= Eternal Champion>>BLAKE IBANEZ>>Eternal Champion – NICK STEWART


D= Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge, Impalers, Innumerable Forms>>CHRIS ULSH>>Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge, Impalers, Innumerable Forms

History & Biography
Power Trip is a Dallas, Texas, USA-based crossover band founded in 2008. Marcus was on drums. There was a 2008 demo, which was followed by an EP called Armageddon Blues. This EP was re-issued by Triple-B Records with additional tracks in 2014. Next came a self-titled single for the band, which featured a cover version of Prong’s Brainwave. Southern Lord signed the band and issued a compilation called Tour 2012 and featured the band on it. The label proceeded to issue the group’s full-length debut next. The band was touring as soon as it finished the debut album’s recording in 2013. The band also hit the road upon completing its Nightmare Logic record in late 2016. This album charted in the USA. The band had toured with Lamb Of God and Anthrax, Madball, performed at Mexico’s Off Limits festival and Arizona, USA’s Southwest Terror Fest and was heading on the road with Napalm Death, The Black Dahlia Murder and Pig Destroyer in 2017 and separately gigged with Exodus. The band toured Japan in 2018. Then there were concerts with Cannibal Corpse and Gate Creeper.The group performed at With Full Force in Germany in 2019. The band issued its own 2020 recording, Live In Seattle 05.28.2018. The band hit southeast Asia early in 2020. Covid-19 hit a tour with Lamb Of God and Kreator in Europe dead. The band’s announced they would issue a joint song instead. Singer Riley Gale overdosed and died in August 2020. Fox News (a right-wing establishment USA channel) aired a tribute as a personality was a friend of the man. His family set up a charity in his honour. The band was working on its third album prior to the man’s death. The members were planning their next steps.

The band has had multiple drummers come and go as Ulsh plays the guitar as well. Coincidentally, or not, Power Trip was the name of a Ludichrist album from 1988. The group featured socially conscious lyrics.



Power Trip