Circle Of Power – 2006 - Nightmare

S= Shatter Messiah, God Like Status, Thunder Tribe>>MICHAEL DUNCAN>>Shatter Messiah, God Like Status, Thunder Tribe, Gotcha
G= Thunder Tribe>>RONNIE DUNCAN>>Thunder Tribe – Crowhaven, Electric Love Buzzards, Thunder Tribe>>RICK SARGENT>>Electric Love Buzzards, Thunder Tribe
B= Steve Watts - Hatestruck, Skullcap>>STEVE NALL>>Graveyard Romeos
D= Skullcap>>Roger Ramos

Founded in Kentucky, USA in 1996, Pownd Fownd Fawor with the Pownd Demo of 1998 and Circle Of Power of 2003, which was re-issued by Nightmare Records three years later. Brothers Michael and Ronnie were the founders. Bassists came and bassists went. The song The Stand was also a video. Past And Present was an independent compilation from 2002. The group recorded another demo in 2011. It was called Part Of The Black. The band members started playing covers in Thunder Tribe around 2011. Drummer Roger Ramos left citing his day job in 2012.

The band shared the stage with Bret Michaels, Armored Saint, Triumph and others.


Pownd is an underground metal band that has popped out of the blue with its Circle Of Power album, a release now picked up by Nightmare Records a couple of years following its original release. The band has next to no profile whatsoever, yet has surprising amount of depth and prowess. Both hard rock and heavy metal fans would dig this material.
The band has placed the song Still I Bleed at the pole position, which is a mistake for it is one of the album’s weaker songs. Past that the compositions cover the gamut of metal styles and bands from Ozzy to Whitesnake to Nevermore and more - pardon the play on words. The album’s best song is The Stand with its incredible riffs, but tracks like Never Means Forever, Divided and Place in The Sun are not lacking musical or emotional content. Apparently, the heavy metal underground still breathes in America. - Anna Tergel