Presence – 1987 – Nexus
Bleecker Street – 1988 – Nexus
Awaking Dogs – 1989 – Nexus
非常口 9.11 – 1989 - Nexus

G= Rajas, Grand Slam, Daida Laida>>KAZUHIDE “RUDY” SHIROTA>>Grand Slam, Daida Laida
B= Judy And Mary, Jacks’N’Joker, Hot Rod Crue, Asian Black, Zamza N’Banshee, Tamamizu, Shake, Maziora>>YOSHIHITO “RADY” ONDA>> Judy And Mary, Jacks’N’Joker, Hot Rod Crue, Asian Black, Zamza N’Banshee, Tamamizu, Shake, Maziora

Osaka, Japan-based glam rock band Presence was founded in the same year as the French band with the same monicker, namely (October of) 1982. The band should be approached with caution as most of the material veers to rock. Onda and Nishikawa were the founders. The group initially featured drummer Hideki Kitahata, who would leave to join Terra Rosa, and be replaced by Taku Izuhara (of Hurry Scuary), and guitarist Hideki Honjou. The group played in Osaka at the Jumping Live event at a hall on the grounds of Osaka Castle alongside Hurry Scuary, 44 Magnum, Rajas, Marino and others in 1983. The band was a twin guitar formation at this juncture. The group played at Chiba Dancing Mother’s (Chiba danshingumazā) in Chiba City, Chiba in 1986 where others like Bellzlleb had played. This club was by the Keisei line’s Chiba-Chūō Station. This club’s owner would run another café called lc Mothers or Live Café Mothers nearby years later. The band toured up and down Japan and had a fan club only show in Osaka in 1988. The band split up in 1989 when the entire Japanese metal scene collapsed, returned for what turned out to be a compilation appearance only in 2014 and again reformed in 2020.

A self-titled demo was circulated in 1983. A self-titled single was handed out to concert attendees in 1985 featuring Rock Drive and Sky. This was put on CD in 2020. A single called Rock’N Roll was inserted into the now defunct Rockin’f magazine. It may be a coincidence that both Rock ‘N Roll and Presence are Led Zeppelin titles. Nexus, a subsidiary of King Records, signed the band and issued the Presence album. A re-recorded Rock’N Roll was an EP in 1988. The farewell album was embarrassingly called Awaking Dogs. The band broke up and Shirota moved on to Grand Slam with the bassist for 44 Magnum, but not before a live album and live video were released. Rady moved on to Judy And Mary, which was quite successful, and subsequently Jacks’N’Joker. He also joined the newly formed Hot Rod Crue in May 2001. Asian Black was founded in 2002. Presence announced its farewell during the live show, which was captured on the 9.11 recording. The band unceremoniously announced November of that year as the end and launched into the song Mirage. Nexus quickly issued The Very Best Of and Last Of All compilations. Last Of All’s tracks were chosen with help from the fans.

Amazingly, the pre-dissolution members were all gathered for the 2020 reunion and Rock Drive tour.