Time Of Plagues – 2003 – Furias
Impressions – 2008 - Comatose
Uncertain Process – 2015 - Comatose
Aberrant Calamity – 2019 - Comatose

Prion image

G= Eternal Grave>>Diego Brana – GREGORIO KOCHIAN

B= Homicide Remains, Dead Rooster, Misa Negra>>WALTER BARRIONUEVO>>Homicide Remains, Dead Rooster, Misa Negra

D= DestroyTheHumans>>Marcelo Russo>>DestroyTheHumans, Albedrio, Amethyst – Viral Faith, Raza Odiada, Abstract Pictures, Victimario>>FLAVIO COSCARELLA

History & Biography
Semi-active and engaged in the art of death metal since 1994, Prion had a demo called Corpse Dissection in 1997. Past the practice of autopsy the band was heard on the Extremo Norte Extremo sampler in 1999, but it was only four years later that a full-length emerged. Diego Brana left in 2006. Another four years passed before the band and its Psalmodian Wrath demo appeared. The band’s next album was on a foreign label. Impressions was supported through a video for the song Mediocre Man. Comatose also featured the band on the Split Torso Trauma compilation in 2011. Uncertain Process included a live performance from Argentina in 2013. Russo left in 2015. He had also left earlier in 2004 only to return in 2006. Coscarella was on drums for the fourth album.

A ‘prion’ is an abnormal protein with the ability to pass its deficiency.