Probot – 2004 – Southern Lord

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History & Biography
Probot was a one-off side-project of former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, which was intended to showcase his metal ability. The project existed between 2001 and 2004 and had a self-titled demo in 2003 and album featuring vocalists active in the 1980s like King Diamond and Lemmy in 2004. Centuries Of Sin was a single.


It is probably a sign of an ingrained inferiority complex in metal fans that a project lead by an outsider has to come along to generate so much hype as Probot. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that a metal insider would be able to get musicians as diverse as King Diamond, Lemmy and Cronos together on one album. Probot's main man and coordinator is one Dave Grohl. He of... well, let us refrain from filling the blanks since the two-page biography fails to even once mention Grohl's background.
The eleven songs on the CD are composed and played mainly by Grohl. Upon completion he has shipped the songs to his heroes to sing over. Many of the vocalists fall into familiar territory by giving workman-like performances. After all, their established sound is why they were contacted in the first place. The up-side though is the album's adherence to metal. Cronos gives an above average performance on Centuries Of Sin and Lemmy's vocals and attitude are unmistakable on Shake Your Blood. The lyrics of Kurt Brecht of DRI prove he is still versed after all these years. Performances by Max Cavalera and Mike Dean are sad and forgettable. The former falls into his more recent mallcore routine and the latter's track is not even metal. Fans will also find songs featuring Snake, Eric Wagner and Wino. Take Probot for what it is. The one-off project is a fun romp through the singing of some of metal's best-known performers, but the disc does not win any points for its execution or thrills. - Ali "The Metallian"