Lustful Screams Of Torture – 2007 – Morbid
Contorted Bodies In Pain – 2011 – Mad Lion
Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil – 2019 – Hostile Media

Profanation image
S= Cunt Grinder>>ALEX MEATGRINDER>>Cunt Grinder – Cunt Grinder>>Hippi ‘ Doctor Rot’ Czerny>>Cunt Grinder – Jeff

G= Cunt Grinder>>ALEX MEATGRINDER>>Cunt Grinder – Christoph>>Saprobiontic - VINCENT


D= Cunt Grinder>>LUXL SKULLCRUSHER>>Cunt Grinder

History & Biography
East German death metal band Profanation was founded in 1997. The band was Alex, Luxl on bass and Anja. Drummer Anja left in February 2000 and Luxl switched to drums. A demo, called Dead Man Rotting, was issued only in 2001. The follow-up demo was called Dead Body Fuck and entered the fray in 2005. Chris joined on guitar at this point. Profanation was able to tour Australia in April 2006. The band’s next release was an album through Morbid Records. Taped in early 2007 it was issued in the summer. A track from Dead Man Rotting was heard on the KultRock Sound #11 compilation in 2008. Hippi quit citing health problems. Jeff stepped in. The band’s next release was on the Polish label Mad Lion Records. That album potentially described the effects of listening to Moby or Metallica or both at the same time. Profanation, Defloration and Burning Butthairs hit the hustings. Per tradition, years passed before the band returned to SoundLodge to record an album, which was issued in 2019. The band appeared at the Flammen Open Air and Wonnemond Festival.

Meatgrinder created the band’s logo.


More brutality courtesy of Morbid Records, but this time the band must have the most circularly illegible logo ever. Good. Profanation is an out-and-out death metal band with two vocalists, Alex and Hippi. One can be understood easily leading to some fun given the extreme lyrics while the others deep bellows go all the way to the bottom of the pit. Profanation mixes up a variety of speeds and is quite good at maintaining the attention and focus on the heaviness. That is why Cut is a good track here, but my favourite time is when the band goes all-out with (what else) Adrenaline Rush for instance. The band does the grinding thing really well. Most bans prefer to cover the tried and true, but our five Germans have picked a song called Bed Sores by a band called Embrionic Death. That, the samples, and the whistling form the oddball part of Profanation. The abhorrent lyrics are par for the course - ehem. - Anna Tergel