So It Begins – 2007 - Prodisk

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S= Endast>>PAUL ABLAZE [PAUL ZINAY]>>Crimson Shadows, Conflux – Emilie Livernois

G= Myrkal>>TERRY DESCHENES>>Myrkal – Gotherfall, Deathrow, Frozen>>KIM GOSSELIN>>Deathrow, Frozen

B= Deathrow>>ETIENNE MAILOUX>>Deathrow

D= JUSTINE ETHIER>>Karkaos, Antiqva

K= Deathrow>>JONATHAN LEFRANCOIS-LEDUC>>Deathrow, Ex Deo

V= Les Batards Du Nord>>Emilie Livernois>>Les Batards Du Nord, Mains De Givre

History & Biography
This distorted folk band was around in Montreal, Canada between 2001 and 2008. They participated in a Nuclear Blast MySpace contest and were signed to that label prompting them to change the monicker.

The band’s first sign of life was a demo called United Under A Shadowed Nightsky in 2003. Singer Alkin left in 2004. The band was K&F and featured violins! Another demo appeared in 2005. A local label called Prodisk struck an agreement and signed the band. So It Begins appeared in early 2007. The demo tracks reappeared here. The band opened for Moonsorrow in Canada. The band changed its monicker upon signing with Nuclear Blast, but not before issuing the Another Round EP in late 2008. Emilie had already packed her fiddle and left. The band professed to having asked her to leave and replaced her with a second guitarist named Kim Gosselin.


Violins and keyboards forebode the sound of So It Begins. Musically this Montreal sextet is very European sounding and this is less black, atmospheric, epic or even folk than just simply commercial power metal or hard rock tailored for the aforementioned continent. The shrieking vocals of Paul Ablaze might not be a commercial catalyst but the music often is and on many occasions puts the band somewhere in between Within Temptation, Kamelot and the over-crowded German scene. Nine songs, including the instrumental outro Automne, running at only 32 minutes put So It Begins at the shorter end for its genre but fill it with commercial potential. - Anna Tergel


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