Deeds Of Derangement – 2003 – Morbid
Left In Grisly Fashion – 2005 - Neurotic
Descendants Of Depravity – 2007 - Neurotic
From Crotch To Crown – 2014 – Willowtip
Prostitute Disfigurement – 2019 – Rising Nemesis

Prostitute Disfigurement image
S= Abhorrence, Nox, Centurian>>NIELS ADAMS>>Nox, Centurian
G= Abhorrence>>Roel Van Kruysdijk>>Soulemission – Katafalk, Toxocara, Winter Of Sin>>Niels Van Wijk>>Katafalk, Toxocara, Winter Of Sin – Tombe>>Benny Bats>>Visceral Bleeding, Shining, Unlocked, Soulemission – Symmetry, Enraged, Control Human Delete, Mayan>>Frank Schiphorst>>Mayan – Eternal Conspiracy, Toxocara, Legion, The Monolith Deathcult>>Martijn Moes>>Toxocara –In The Umbra, Fungus, Void Of Torment, Amputate, 666 Shades Of Shit, Rectal Smegma>>BOB SNEIJERS>>666 Shades Of Shit, Fungus, Void Of Torment – ALEXANDER PRZEPIORKA
B= Abhorrence, Disfigure, Toxocara>>PATRICK OOSTERVEEN>>Toxocara
D= Sinister, Severe Torture, Destroyer 666, Inhumate>>Eric De Windt>>Supreme Pain, Temple, Neocaesar, Warfather, Omnious – Sun’s Blood>>Tim Bazen>>Sun’s Blood - Toxocara, Detonation>>MICHIEL VAN DER PLICHT>>Detonation – Ravage, Brutal Unrest, Resurrected, Pestlegion>>DENNIS THIELE>>Brutal unrest, Resurrected, Pestlegion

The band was founded as Disfigure in 2000 and after one demo changed its name to the more descriptive monicker. The founding members were singer Niels, guitarist Niels and bassist Patrick. Two of the members had been in Abhorrence. Guitarist Roels of Abhorrence would join soon. Prostitute Disfigurement issued a demo using its own Dismemberment imprint in 2001. Embalmed Madness featured a sexy sex worker who does anything for client satisfaction having sex on its sex-depicting sexual cover.

Morbid Records of Germany signed the band and issued Deeds Of Derangement in the summer of 2003. The group had found drummer Tim to replace Eric. The latter man had lasted six months and asked to leave due to personal differences. The band had procured the services of a human drummer, which in this case was Tim. The band played at Obscene Extreme and Rotterdam Deathfest. Niels Van Wijk left to move in with his squeeze in 2004 and returned for 2010 to 2012. Guitarist Danny Tunker was with the band during this period, but left due to musical differences. The band was on a hiatus after number three and a tour of Europe and USA, which allowed local prostitutes to breathe a sign of relief, and featured two new guitarists upon return. The band signed with Willowtip in 2013. The self-titled album again featured two new guitarists.

Song titles include Cum Covered Stab Wounds, Cadaver Blowjob and the perennial crowd pleaser The Way Of All Excrement.


Has anyone seen the cover art for the recent album by Slovakia's Perversity? It is as if it's the next scene from the cover for this beautiful album! What can one expect from a goregrind maniac who is all about committing Deeds Of Derangement through Prostitute Disfigurement? The Dutch quintet insists on delivering no less than a Deformed Slut, a G-B Massacre, Cum Covered Stabwounds and go as far as Screaming In Agony and declaring that She's Not Coming Home Tonight. All this because someone's been Postal Devirginized of all the horrors! Once one has overcome the shock and the horror and finished Screaming In Agony, it is time to note the ultra grinding sickness these five call music or the lowest of the low vocals emanating from the larynx of the old boar fronting this act. Needless to say only the most brutal and insane gore fiend would want to be Skinned & Sodomized by (or volunteer his wife) to Deeds Of Derangement. Aaaaarrrggghhh, uuuuugggggghhhaaaa, blllluuurgghhh, oooouugggg... - Ali "The Metallian"

Prostitute Disfigurement is back with a third release and with Left In Grisly Fashion confirm their place among the best of Holland. This release features a more complete production, more distinctive riffs and solos to add to Prostitute Disfigurement 's brutal, unrelenting sound. The vocals of Niels are the perfect example of a tunnel of wind and he is joined by Pyaemia's Joey and Disavowed's Robbe K, appearing as guests, on several songs. The opener Body To Ravage sets the tone and Freaking On The Mutilated and the title track that follow introduce the clearer production, solos and the overall more technical aspect, all of which add to what can only be described as brutal deathgrind. The Corpse Garden just blows away more ears. Bluedrum Torso is a slightly slower, heavier, more death metal song that does however include its dose of blasts and pace. Victims Of The Absurd provides more crushing riffs, drums and vocals. By the time Shotgun Horror and Disemboweled arrive their pace and unrelenting nature will convince everyone that this is one release that belongs to 'best of' lists everywhere. In Death's Decay, borrowed from a horror movie, and Bloodlust Redemption end this 30 minute assault.
All listeners are indeed Left In Grisly Fashion and therefore this is one no true metal fan can ignore. - Anna Tergel


Prostitute Disfigurement