Decadent Delirium – 1994 - Cacophonous

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G= Victor Morell>>Born Of Fire, Season Of Pain, Images Of Eden – MICHA KITE>>Born Of Fire, Season Of Pain, Ripsaw

B= BOBBY CHAVEZ>>Born of Fire, Season Of Pain, Pentacost

D= STEVE DORSSOM>>Born Of Fire, Images Of Eden, Born Of Fire, Ripsaw

History & Biography
The band came together in Phoenix, Arizona, USA to play death metal in 1989. Joel Whitfield of Nuclear Death was in the band. A 1990 demo was never released due to a lack of funds. Micha Kite joined in 1990. Expedient Demise was a 1991 demo. Wake Of Entity came in 1992. The demo was distributed by Wild Rags. Micha was busy promoting the band in the underground and even called himself Loud Management. Cacophonous/Vinyl Solution issued the Disgorged Suppuration 7” in 1992. The tracks were from the second demo. There was a 1993 promo recording.

Psychic Pawn signed with Cacophonous Records after the members of Cancer handed the label a demo and was immediately out of place on a label signing goth bands whose owner sent our messages lamenting how she is tired and being menopausal. The album was produced by Bill Metoyer. Doug Notter was the replacement for Victor Morell. Born Of Fire was the follow-up act and was founded in 1997. Thrashback Records issued a two-disc Eulogy: The Complete Anthology of the band in 2021.



Psychic Pawn