A Social Grace – 1990 – Rising Sun
Into The Everflow – 1992 – Dream Circle
Mosquito – 1994 – Bullet Proof
Bleeding – 1996 – Bullet Proof
Live And Archives – 1998 – Institute Of Art
The God Shaped Void – 2020 – Inside Out

Psychotic Waltz image
S= Solo>>Devon Graves [Buddy Lackey]>>Solo, Deadsoul tribe, The Shadow theory - Solo, Deadsoul Tribe, The Shadow Theory>>DEVON GRAVES [BUDDY LACKEY]>>Solo, Deadsoul Tribe, The Shadow Theory

G= BRIAN MCALPIN – End Amen, Darkstar>>DAN ROCK>>End Amen, Darkstar

B= Ward Evans – Phil Cuttino – WARD EVANS

D= End Amen, Teabag, Nukem, Brick Bath, Cage>>NORM LEGGIO>>End Amen, Teabag, Nukem, Brick Bath, Cage


History & Biography
This California-based progressive metal band was Aslan first and, as legend goes, was described as ‘psychotic waltz,’ sound-wise prompting a monicker change after two years of existence in 1987. Another Aslan operated in Europe. Aslan is a character in The Lion, the Witch And The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. The group disbanded in 1997 when Buddy left in September adding that he wanted to follow a softer direction and also as he and the rest of the band had had a falling out. The band returned to obey the rules of the music scene with guitarist Steve Cox of DeadRingers Guild in 2010. Cox had played with the band during a 1996 tour when McAlpin was unable to tour for family reasons. Live And Archives featured a live show from Germany in 1991 and demo material. In the meantime, Buddy Lackey had moved to Austria with his Austrian wife in 1999 and founded Deadsoul Tribe. This new band would use songs meant for Psychotic Waltz to start. Wife and husband would not be buddies for long. Other former members were in Teabag and Darkstar. Obviously two words are one too many. Dan Rock would join later for the original membership to be reassembled. The band conducted reunion tours of Europe with Nevermore and Symphony X in 2011 and 2012. Several compilations ensued until a new full-length arrived in 2020. It was the first new music in 24 years. Inside Out announced another set of re-issues. The label had been Deadsoul tribe’s record company.

After being recorded independently, a Social Grace was issued by German label Rising Sun in November 1990. It offered credits to vibraslap, keyboards, tambourine and African drums. The band played at Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven. The second album was on a second German label and also taped in Germany. Ward Evans left in 1994, which was a first line-up change for the quintet. Phil Cuttino was heard on Bleeding. The band toured Europe with Threshold in 1995. Deadsoul Tribe would later tour with Threshold.

Metal Blade issued the band’s album anew in 2004. The Architects Arise: The First Ten Years was a Century Media re-issue in 2011.

Craig Goldy was Dan Rock’s guitar teacher. Leggio and Rock were in a high school band playing cover versions together before going their separate ways. A singer named Mike Hall was fronting the band before the band became Aslan. Dan Rock injured his arm badly in 1992, which meant the band had an eight-month long pause then. McAlpin injured himself in high school and appeared on stage in a wheelchair.



Psychotic Waltz