Embrace Rapture In Disgust – 1999 – Dissident
Debauching The Minions – 2002 – Dissident

Psychrist image
S= Kill For Satan, Armoured Angel>>YURI WARD>>Kill For Satan, Armoured Angel – Kill For Satan, Trench Hell>>KEL DULIHANTY>>Kill For Satan, Trench Hell - Wes Roth>>Infinitum

G= Kill For Satan, Lord Kaos, Tortured, Armoured Angel>>YURI WARD>>Kill For Satan, Lord Kaos, Tortured, Armoured Angel – Matt Keele – Reign Of Terror, Dying Embers, Infinitum, Futility, Wretch>>NATHAN YOUNGBERG>>Infinitum, Futility, Wretch

B= Astriaal, Infinitum, Puncture Wound>>DAN MARSDEN>>Astriaal, Infinitum, Puncture Wound

D= James Simper - Glen Blazejak>>Lord Kaos – JAMES SIMPER

History & Biography
The black metal band was founded in Canberra Australia in 1992 and disbanded in 2003. It conformed to the edicts of the scene and returned in 2013.

Demo 1992 was followed by The Abysmal Fiend EP of 1994. Drummer Matt Coffey had already left. This was released through Aussie label Warhead. Five years passed before the Embrace Rapture In Disgust full-length was issued. Kel Dulihanty was on vocals here. Wes Roth was on vocals and Glen Blazejak was on drums for the second album. Members were also in Kill For Satan and Infinitum.