Mercury - 2023 - Season Of Mist


G= Euphorya, Ghost, Absolu, Ischeamia>>RÉMI VANHOVE>>Euphorya, Ghost, Absolu, Ischeamia - ELISE MASLIAH


D= Laniakea, Avalanche, Hurakan>>THOMAS CRÉMIER>>Avalanche, Hurakan

V= In Cauda Venenum>>RAPHAËL VERGUIN>>In Cauda Venenum

History & Biography
This was a band that displayed non-metal, industrial, djent and progressive tendencies and was founded in 2009. The Phrases demo came in that year and, true to its word, had phrases for song titles. Rémi Vanhove sang and played all instruments. Anti-Sublime was a demo released in 2012 and had a full line-up. This featured a singer called Raphaël Lietout. Sublimation was the 2013 demo. Another demo was 2014’s Human Be[ing]. These last two demos featured singer Yohan Oscar. The act issued its demo MLP, entitled AAliens, a year later. Still independent, Neptune came in 2017. The band was also issuing compilations of its material. Which it called Lost And Forsaken.

Season Of Mist signed Psygnosis at the beginning of 2023. The France-based quartet was to release an album, that it had self-recorded for the last many months, that year. Mercury was slated for September. The band had no singer in its line-up and presented its art instrumentally.

Psygnosis is the study of psyche and character.