Enthroned>>PSYPHERIA - USA

Embrace The Mutation – 2002 – Heretic Sound

Psypheria image
S= Excarnum>>Adam Roberts>>Excarnum

G= Excarnum>>John Oster>>Excarnum – Mike Hurley

B= The New Plague, Excarnum>>Adam Roberts>>The New Plague, Excarnum

D= Dawn Of Morgana>>CORY VALDEZ>>Dawn Of Morgana

K= Dragonlord>>LYLE LIVINGSTON>>Dragonlord

History & Biography
California, USA-based keyboard group was founded by Oster as Enthroned in 1991 and became Psypheria in 1997. Enthroned was signed to Mad Lion Records. The band threw in the towel in 2003 as the founder had lost interest in metal, formed an instrumental act called Excarnum for a year, went inactive, but not liking picking groceries at the local Walmart dump returned in 2011 before again departing the scene quickly. This 2011 incarnation had only two earlier members in its line-up. Tom Persons of Enthroned was on bass and vocals.

The band issued its Gothic Disturbance demo in 1998, which like a cliché was re-released by a solo label in 2006. Lyle had been the singer, but could not sing anymore and had shifted to keyboards. The band had played a farewell show in in 1997, but instead changed its mind and acquired a new monicker. The early demo was re-recorded because the band had a new singer and bassist. Plague’s End was the 2001 demo. A small label out of Portugal issued the band’s album in 2002. Tom Persons was the new post reformation singer and bassist, but had featured on the Enthroned version of the act.