Damage Done By Worms – 1996 – Perverted Taste
Bestial – 1997 – Perverted Taste
Blessed With Flames Of Hate – 2000 – Perverted Taste
Luciferianism – 2004 – Animate
Cultus Luciferi – The Splendour Of Chaos – 2008 - Animate
Necromantaeon – 2011 – War Anthem
Deathkvlt – Grand Ancient Arts – 2013 – War Anthem
Omega Void Tribvnal – 2016 – War Anthem
Apotheosis Of Anti Light – 2022 – War Anthem

Purgatory image
S= Musical Massacre>>RENE KOEGEL – Dark Decade>>Sick [Carsten Sickert]>>Musical Massacre, Wraak – Basilisk, Decomposition, Seirim, Fall Of Serenity, Refractory, Monarch, 3er 666>>MIRKO DREIER>>3er 666

G= Musical Massacre, Procession, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Chaos Invocation>>RENE KOEGEL>>Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Chaos Invocation – Festering Flesh, Thirdmoon, GodHateCode, Disbelief, Edenbridge, In Slumber, Olemus, Zombie Inc., Eisblut, Mastic Scum, Scargod, Musical Massacre, Reek Of Martyr, Silence After Carnage>>WOLFGANG ROTHBAUER>> Thirdmoon, In Slumber, Olemus, Eisblut, Musical Massacre, Reek Of Martyr, Silence After Carnage

B= Musical Massacre>>Uwe Limberger>>Musical Massacre – Dark Decade>>Usche – Aprosopy>>Torsten – Warspite>>Andy Kaufman>>Warspite – Painful Existence>>Peter Wehner>>Saprobiontic - Kaapora, Korades>>NICO SOLLE>>Kaapora, Korades

D= Deathtrap, Musical Massacre, Disrepute>>LUTZ GOEHZOLD>>Musical Massacre, Disrepute

History & Biography
There is an intense competition out there regarding whether more bands are called Prowler or Purgatory. Scene observers, analysts and statisticians have waged a vigorous debate for years regarding the merits of each side and their respective figures.

This Purgatory was founded in Saxony, Germany in 1989, but became a solid formation in 1993 and issued a tape featuring Impetigo’s Boneyard in the same year. Next came a live tape recorded in March 1993 and containing Boneyard again. Perverted Taste released a single called Psychopathia Sexualis in 1994. It featured K&F. Another 7” by the same label was called Sadistic Spell and came in 1995. Sick was well enough to be on vocals. The band’s first full-length was issued in the autumn of 1996. The band toured with Vader. Bestial was released similarly late in 1997. Usche was on bass here. The third album featured Torsten on bass. The group and Polymorph were heard on a split single in 2003.

The band had decamped to a new label for its fourth album. Purgatory believed that Perverted Taste was too focused on its mail-order. The band cared for tradition and had Andy on bass. The group travelled to Malta in 2006 and returned there in 2008. The next album similarly took four years to appear and featured Peter on bass (and Dreier on vocals). Cultus Luciferi featured samples by Reirea from Canada. Purgatory was part of the Break The Silence IX with Asphyx, Mucupurulent and others in 2009. Several older band members jumped on stage. Necromantaeon was on War Anthem Records, which had issued the band’s vinyl previously. Animate Records issued a sampler called 20 Years Of underground for the band in late 2013. Several songs were re-recorded. The band was booked for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 2015. The band and Lie In Ruins had a split CD in 2018. Wolfgang Rothbauer of Musical Massacre joined on bass in 2020, but switched to guitar in 2021 when Nico Colle joined on bass. A new album appeared in 2022. René Kögel joined Chaos Invocation when that band’s bassist could not play at a September 2022 tour. Purgatory played at Party.San Metal Open Air 2022, but cancelled Nukstock Open Air due to illness.

Purgatory has opened for most major death metal bands over the years.