Hell>>P.U.S - BRAZIL

P.U.S. – 1991 –Maggot/Fucker
She Is The Only Salvation – 1994 – Estudio Eldorado
Presets - 1996 - Paradox

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Autopsia>>Simone ‘Synag’ Death [Simone Dreyer Peres]>>Solo, DeFalla

Marcos ‘Selvagem’

Fallen Angel, Dungeon>>Marcos ‘Feijao’>>Fallen Angel, Dungeon – Rodrigo Nogueira

History & Biography
Show us a band that does not reform and we will show you an Amaranthe song with dignity and integrity, an ounce of positive gray matter in Jair Bolsonaro’s cranium or a strand of actual hair on Donald Trump’s head. Clearly, former metal musicians cannot find jobs because bands shall reform without fail.

Hell operated in Brasilia the capital or Brazil between 1986 and 1987 before becoming the death metal act P.U.S. in 1987. The band split up in 1997 after Feijao’s death and also Syang and Ronan, who were a couple, splitting up before reforming in 2017. Sole remaining member was singer Ronan. Fleshpyre’s Daniel Moscardini was on drums.

Demo #1 was out in 1988. Pesadelo Militar was the 1989 demo. Fucker Records of Brazil begat an EP, called Third World, in 1990. Fucker and Maggot issued the band’s full-length a year later. Cogumelo Records released a split album for Sextrash (also of Brazil) and P.U.S. The band had a professional demo called Presets in 1995 and the Presets album of 1996 before disbanding. This record was a last gasp attempt at hip and alternative commercialism.

Syang went on to pose nude for Playboy and become a solo music and martial artist. P.U.S. stood for Porrada Ultra Suicida or ‘Ultra Suicidal Blow.’