Echoes Of Death – 2014 - Xtreem

Putrid Evocation image
S= Invincible Force, Cadaveric Cult>>B.NEKROSKULL [BENJAMÍN BARRANTES CASTRO]>>Invincible Force, Cadaveric Cult

G= Diabolikal, Praise The Flame, Invincible Force>>B.NEKROSKULL [BENJAMÍN BARRANTES CASTRO]>>Diabolikal, Praise The Flame, Invincible Force – Morbid Fate>>K. [KENNY CHACAMA]>>Morbid Fate

B= Angioma, Praise The Flame>>R.IMPALER [ROBERTO JIMÉNEZ]>>Praise The Flame

D= Eaten Alive>>K. [Kenny Chacama]>>Eaten Alive – Uttertomb, Negative Or Nothing, Cadaveric Cult>>AV>>Uttertomb, Negative Or Nothing, Cadaveric Cult

History & Biography
Death started in 2011 and brought several promos and demos before the 2013 EP Blackness Enshroud, which was released through Apocalyptic Productions. Vocalist Renan had already left prior to the EP. Xtreem Music issued an album called Echoes Of Death. B.Nekroskull handled the microphone and guitar, R.Impaler was on bass and K. was on drums. The band uploaded a couple of live tracks, but was otherwise quiet. Drummer AV joined in 2017as K had moved to second guitar.

Burning Coffin Records and Dawnbreed Records came together to release the Eternal Gloom: A Void Of Agony And Repugnancy EP from Chile-based death metal act Putrid Evocation in 2022. This 2021 EP was available on May 13th on compact disc and on vinyl in 2023.



Putrid Evocation